June 2010

So today I transfer my hottie night elf rogue, Elizzà, away from the horrors of the Magtheridon realm. The ganking project has been a lot of fun and I’ve learnt a great deal, so it’s only fair that I mention some highlights of the experience that I can look back at in a few years and wonder at the horror of it all, (just kidding!).

Things I learnt.

Being in a guild can be a lot of fun if it’s not populated by drama seeking attention whores, soul sucking leeches and the socially and skillfully inept. A typical message in guild chat could go something like this:

“Anyone want to run a random heroic with me?”

And that would be it, no replies. People that wanted to go would whisper for an invite. What’s missing here? Well, the times when nobody would whisper of course. In other guilds in the past that would result in the person who received no replies having a massive drama bomb meltdown because, “nobody likes me or wants to help me!” This was completely absent from the guild.

I learnt how to PvP and I learnt to appreciate and value a PvP realm. These two go hand in hand. I didn’t want to play on a PvP realm because I didn’t know how to PvP, and I didn’t want to have to suffer the ingnonimy of being ground to dust by the other faction. I had nightmares of level 77 death knights wiping the floor with me. In truth, it wasn’t that bad at all. It did take me a while to get my PvP skills up to scratch, but now I’m a better player for it. I would never voluntarilly choose a PvE realm again. I look forward very much to the level 80-85 levelling process in Cataclysm on a PvP realm.
I also got my PvP gear set. Sure it won’t last a week in the next expansion, but now I know how to get a good set quickly and I know and appreciate the difference that it made.
I got into Wintergrasp and learnt how to play it. Prior to this guild I had never set foot into that place, for reasons tied to the PvP realm bit. There were some battles in there which were extremely memorable, not least the one where Gevlon and I hid a pair of Demolishers off to the side of the keep when on attack. After our first assault had fizzled out against the walls and the horde ran out to kill all the Alliance, we moved them quickly up, took down the first wall and then positioned them to shoot over the second wall at the main door, taking it down and winning the battle. Awesome stuff.

Playing arena matches for the first time and getting fairly competant was also a big deal. I would like to thank my arena partner Eluzis and demand that he transfer with me. Come on bro, you know you want to.

Being around a guild full of goblins you cannot help but learn how to make gold, and make gold I did. Not huge amounts, but more than I have ever had in game. The stuff just seemed to pour in. Which is why I loved those GDKP runs so much. Here’s hoping I can make the golds on the new realm.

Running raids with competant players. This was really amazing. No arguing, no fighting, no blaming, no defending from criticism. Just honest appraisal with the goal of killing the boss always foremost in mind. People removed from the raid for not being up to scratch and then seeing them there the next week, trying harder and improving on their past performances. Idiots being quickly culled from the ranks with no drama, (usually there was a disinterested comment along the lines of, “well I suppose we better find another priest then”), gave the good players the comfort and security to know that they could just get on with the job. They knew their leader would get their back.

I hope that you all have enjoyed my reports and ramblings on the Ganking Project. It’s been a lot of fun sharing it all with you. So now we head on to a new adventure, Gevlons PuG project. May the good times continue.

A lot of gamers are scared of PvP. Really, really scared. Like when you were a kid and were convinced that there was a godawful globbulous slime thing under your bed that was gonna get you kind of scared. I know, I was one of those scared players. But then I moved to a PvP server and I saw the light. I saw the light my brothers! (and sisters too I suppose). Anyway, here are some tips on what it will be like for you when you enter the new wide world of a pvp server.

First off, lets start with rolling a new toon. You have your new little gnome mage or whatever the hell it is in your brand new world. And lets be honest, you’re scared shitless. But after a little while you work out that nothing bad can happen to you in the starter zone. So you run around and do your quests and stuff and all is nice and good in the world. But then comes the horrible moment when you cross for the first time into a zone labelled, ‘Contested Area’. Now every move you make is fraught with danger for you could be ganked at any moment …

I levelled a gnome warlock up to about level 30 on an RPPvP realm a few months ago, just to check out what this RP thing was like, (stupid and dull and populated by people who still play with dolls and knight lego sets). I never got ganked, not even once. But I tell you what, it was a lot more exciting. There is a warlock quest that sends you over to the Barrens to talk to some dude. Now the Barrens is serious horde territory. I was only a low level 20 when I had to set foot over there. I figured that the best way in was via Theramore Isle, up through Dustwallow Marsh, (where I fully expected to have to corpse run a bit due to aggro issues), and then into the Barrens. The first surprising thing was that I managed to get through the marsh without being killed. I aggroed a few crocodiles and what have you, but my little feets ran a treat and I scampered away. I also ran past a few horde who kind of regarded me with a faintly bemused expression, kind of along the lines of, ‘what the fuck are you doing out here?’.

So into The Barrens I arrived. This was exciting stuff. Instead of taking the road I decided to travel along the tops of the mountain peaks, which was also good for avoiding packs of mobs which could easily make my life a misery at my level. I scrambled along these all the way up to where I had to find the dude. It was very exciting stuff, mostly because I was an outlaw in an enemy land. Do this on a PvE server and you basically waltz your merry way to where you want to be. But I got in and out without being ganked and that was a very satisfying feeling.

Transferring my rogue across to the PvP realm for the ganking project, I had the same type of worries, only now I was a level 80 in Northrend. My first few trips out into the wilds to do my JC dailies had me reduced to a nervous wreck. But once again I never got ganked. I still remember the first time I actually ganked a player. I crept up on a warlock in the Storm Peaks who was doing his daily. I waited until he had just killed a mob and his health and mana were not at maximum, then I cheap shotted him from behind. It turned out to be an epic battle due to my PvP crapness at the time and I only just managed to take him out. I then quickly got the fuck out of there as I was terrified that he was going to come back with 5 of his mates.

Playing on a PvP server is not that different from a PvE one. World PvP doesn’t really exist anymore. But it gives you an extra dimension to the game and rewards you with the option of actually killing that player from the enemy faction who is making your life a misery. And if your own PvP skills aren’t up to the task? Well, you’re just going to have to get better, and that’s always a good thing.

Gevlon is winding up the ganking project, effective probably within the week. Those of us in the project received the news yesterday on our forum. The reaction was sadness and a lot of support for Gevlon, whereas he had been bracing himself for anger. The interesting this is that I was going to write this post last week, but I didn’t due to not wanting to jinx the project. Irony for the winner.

It is no secret that I have enjoyed the ganking project immensely, as it gave new focus and goals as well as the opportunity to learn new skills to my WoW game. But as we progressed a little doubt began to nag at me. My enjoyment was all based on the whim of one person. If he decided to pull the plug then it would be over. Nobody else would be able to step in and take his place. To understand why this is so, you have to appreciate the enormous amount of energy and sheer force of will that Gevlon put into the project. And in a way, us guildies were feeding off that. We were doing our part to be sure, (well most of us), but I knew that I could always count on Gevlon to be there and sort things out. And is it fair to burden someone with that amount of responsibility? Of course, Gevlon started the project, it was his decision to do it, so it is his responsibility. But how many times have you started something and not really realised what you have gotten yourself into?

Yesterday after the news broke, there was a lot of discussion in guild chat about someone to replace Gevlon and carry on with the project. I made it very clear that I would not be interested in taking on such a role. It requires the leader to be online every day. You can’t take a break from leading something of this type. And you cannot effectively delegate responsibilities to other players in the guild, no matter how capable. At the end of the day it is force of will alone that carries something like this forward. Perhaps that is why it was so enjoyable. But it is very hard to keep up that sort of performance over a long period of time.

But the disappointment at its conclusion must be balanced with the positives to take from this experience. Apart from finally learning how to PvP, I have to say that I have never played with a group of people of such a high skill level and such a low dickhead factor. Perhaps this was the true secret to why I enjoyed the project so much. Gevlon is set to announce a new project in the next few days. Will I be joining that one? Lets wait and see what it is. But if he manages to attract the same calibre of player it will be very tempting indeed. Let us only hope that the project is something sustainable and not balanced on the force of will of one person.

Tobold has an interesting post today where he talks about the holy trinity of MMO’s – tank, healer and dps, and the problems associated with these. There are three basic issues:

1. It’s kind of unrealistic that a smart monster would just stand there and hit the taunting tank while everyone else takes him down.
2. It’s difficult for tanks and healers to level as their damage dealing abilities are weaker than that of dps.
3. You get skewed numbers – too many dps available and not enough tanks or healers.

He has some ideas on how to address these issues, but at the end of the day this is still just window dressing. You’re always dealing with the ‘holy trinity’, so what you’re doing is just changing around abilities a bit to make those three different roles work, which is a bandaid solution at best.

I have another idea entirely – get rid of tanks and healers and make everyone dps. Change the way the encounters work. The one way to differentiate between all the dps classes in this situation would be buffs, mitigation and crowd control. The last aspect is key. Attacking a boss becomes no longer an issue of having one player stand at the front and get hit a lot. It switches to different classes taking it in turn to lock down an enemy while the other party members deal dps. With no healing available, a characters damage mitigation and their skill in using it becomes key to surviving. There are still all three roles present:

Tanking becomes crowd control.
Healing become damage mitigation.
DPS is still DPS.

It would mean that players would have to become responsible for all 3 roles, constantly switching back and forth in harmony with the rest of the group. Every group make-up would be different, requiring you to come up with new ways and tactics to defeat a boss. There would be no tankspot style videos online as the random possibilities based on the classes present in each group would be so different. You could still research a boss online but what you would be researching is their abilities and ways to counter them. This would require that crowd control abilities would work on bosses. It could encourage more realistic fights. I’ve never been a fan of the big room fight situation where the players carefully pull each section of the room while the other mobs stand there with their fingers up their butt seemingly unconcerned that their buddies standing 20 feet away are getting their faces ripped off. With all classes being DPS you could realistically take on a room full of opponents. Remember the Zul Farrak fight on the high steps where waves of mobs came swarming up at you? I think that is one of the best ever fights in WoW. The first time I did it I was enraptured and pumped full of energy. It’s a full-on battle fest, yet at its core it is simple.

This system would solve the three problems listed above and would also lead to better PvP situations. It won’t happen of course in WoW as Blizzard has already invested too much time and effort in the present system. But if I was a new game looking to be the next big MMO, this is the direction I would take.

I was on wowhead yesterday when I saw the new rogue talents for Cata at the top of the screen. I was like, whoah … no man, what the hell is this? Is this real? I then forgot all about it and went to bed cause that’s how I roll, but this morning it’s getting a big beat-up on wow.com so I suppose that it is real.

For those of you who don’t want to listen to me and just get on with it, here is the talent calculator and here is wowheads take on it.

So have you looked through all of those? I hope you have because I’m not going to repass over what they have already written. Here are my general thoughts:

Assassination tree.

It’s assiasination tree or nothing for PvP with their 51 point talent of Vendetta. 30 seconds of stealth negation means that it’s a no-brainer to open this when coming into an arena match and seeing nobody. Which will be interesting as rogue v rogue. A long-range sap macro with your mouse will be extra special in these moments which will combine nicely with the new tier 2 talent of blackjack. The tier 10 venomous wounds talent being so deep in this tree also helps for pvp as this is rogues only DoT ability.

Combat tree.

So it looks like blizzard wants rogues to be back up tanks now. Reinforced leather? This one is weird to me, it just sticks out from nowhere. It’s high enough in the combat tree that mutilate pvp rogues could spec down to it if they want it for PvP. I don’t know what to think about this one. Why not just give us mail so at least we can annoy hunters too? It’s a 5 point talent which means that if you’re going to take it you need to waste a lot of points on it. CQC and Hack & Slash are gone as we knew they would be, which is great as all weapon combos are now up for grabs. And the tier 10 resteless blades means that combat is still the cooldown tree par excellence.

Subtlety tree.

I’ve never played sublety, so I really have no clue what to say. Master of Deception is gone though which I like very much as it makes a level playing field on stealth. The changes to Honor Among Thieves are pretty impressive though, which could really make this tree a viable PvE spec. 100% chance to get a combo point every 2 seconds when another raid member crits whether damage or heals? You’re just going to have a steady stream of combo points.

Someone came up with this build for combat on the wowhead comments. I don’t know whether I would put the 5 point in relentless strikes or put them in vile and improved poisons, (which would also let you go down to Cold Blood and Fleet Footed instead of wasting a point in Blade twisting), but the real point of showing this build is that with all the changes, with all the carry on about really mixing it up, it still kinda looks the same as now.

Anyway, these trees are a work in progress so don’t expect it to be the finished product.

The title of this post is a comment that I received the other day on my ‘I got a drop’ post. The quote from the commenter in full:

“… Congratulations on the dagger, been one of those 7.3 readers for a while and your quest for a dagger has been the highlight of my week. Reading this post though, I can’t help but wonder at the greatness of GDKP and grow increasingly frustrated at my guildmates who insist that it is “The end of WoW” and “buying gear is wrong”. In cases like yours though? Thumbs up …”

This attitude was prevelant in my old guild also. I didn’t understand it then and after using and experiencing the GDKP system I sure as hell don’t understand it now. Lets look at the advantages of a GDKP system:

1: Everybody gets something. You either get the drops you want or you get gold. And it can be a lot of gold, which means that even if you aren’t much of a gold making goblin, the next time a drop comes up that same gold you earned on previous GDKP runs will enable you to bid on some gear that you need. There is nothing worse than running raids week after week, month after month, waiting for that drop and then it comes down and you to lose to the variance of a random roll. Oh of course you could be using a DKP system or something like that but this brings me to the next advantage of using GDKP …

2: It’s simple. In my old raiding guild where I was the GM, I was also in charge of the loot system. That gave me more headaches and took up more time than that chick who told me who hobbies were cooking and nymphomania. You don’t even need an addon for GDKP, (although some are available), just divide the gold by number of people present at the end of the run. Our guild uses a slightly different version where the 2nd highest bidder gets 30% of the gold from that bid. So the rogue who was bidding against me for that dagger got a clear 830 gold from me directly as well as a 10% share in the final total pot. No imputting of data after a raid, no following through with calculations trying to see who has how many points, do points deteroiate over time, do you need to be wearing a pink tutu at 12pm on the zenith of the sun in the equinox of Mars ….

3. It encourages active and smart players. The type of players who make a lot of gold are the type who investigate things to the best of their ability. They read blogs, scour the internet, try things out and make a lot of effort. They’re not the sort of players to just run a few dailies and think that’s all the gold they need. Thus these types of players will generally also be the type to research their class, boss fights, other classes etc. The type of player who has no gold, or epic flyer, or makes no effort will not do well with a GDKP system. They are excluded based on natural selection. You get a better quality player overall using this system. However, anyone can roll need.

There are some disadvantages of course. A person who was gold capped could theoretically bid on everything, but he would just be giving away gold if he did so, thus even in this situation you would still come out ahead. A hunter in our raid was encouraged to bid against the rogues on an axe drop as it was a slight upgrade for her. Her response was that it might be a slight upgrade but in the hands of a rogue it was a much bigger upgrade for her as that rogue could use the axe to get her out of the shit. This is a healthy attitude to have, but lots of players just see a loot drop and want it without any more consideration. If they have the gold they can take it from you, but you are still receiveing gold for it.

I say that buying gear is not wrong at all. Leaving gear distrbution up to random rolls is wrong and unfair and ultimately results in much frustration and bitterness for players. And making one or two officers in the guild handle a weighty and complicated loot distrubution point system is unfair as well. GDKP – you gets the loots or you gets the gold. It’s a win-win.

Today I am sick. Yesterday I thought I was sick but that was just the pre-sick sick. Now today I have the full sick. What day is it today? It is Wednesday. The day the servers are down. So I am sick and the universe hates me into the bargain. Hopefully the severs will be back up at 11am. Then I can have a sick day in WoW. Sick days in WoW are best spent doing braindead activities. Farming stupid drops, going places that you’ve never gone before, smelling the crummy roses, that sort of thing. So I might farm some drops I suppose. Here is a list of things I am going to farm:

Fractured Scarlet Ruby design. I have a bunch of rubies in the bank and the only cut I have is the expertise one which doesn’t sell that well, and I can’t be bothered wasting 3 JC tokens on a rare gem recipie, so I’ll go and see if I can get this.

Enchant weapon spellpower. The best heirloom weapon enchant for casters, this drops from bosses in Molten Core. I’m going to assume that squishy rogues will be not so great at soloing these bosses, so I may have to talk someone into coming with me. I’ve been wanting this for a while.

Or I could just go into full brain-dead mode and farm this.

Any other ideas for things for me to farm while coughing and spluttering over my monitor?

Oh, and advice needed: should I drop enchanting for engineering considering I am pvp muit rogue and pve combat?

UPDATE AT 11.47am: “The maintanence has been extended for all realms, we apologise for the incon………gofuckyourselveswhydoeshteworldhatemewhy??????

Further update on engineering vs enchanting: I found this cool chart at shadow panther which puts engineering way out in front, both in pvp and pve. Looks like it might be the way to go.

I got a drop. The other night, in ICC. It was just a little drop, a small thing, nothing to write home about by the name of …

Flesh Carving Scalpel, oh my god, holy bucket of snot!

Not that I’m excited or anything.

Regular readers of my blog, (all 7.3 of you), will know that I have had a dry run with regards to getting some daggers. So this baby dropped and there were two rogues in the raid – me, and some other rogue. Now normally this would be the cause of great angst to your truly as I can tell you right now that I do not have either achievement called needy or greedy or whatever they’re called. You know, the achievements for rolling 100 on something? Yeah, I don’t have those. Cause I don’t roll 100. My roll is closer to the 10 side of things. If there was an achievement for you suck at rolling then I would have had that a long time ago. That could be a good achievement line:

You suck at rolling – roll 1 on a need roll.

You still suck at rolling – roll under 10 on 20 need rolls.

You suck at rolling so much you should just stop rolling. – that would be me.

Anyway, there was no horrible random rolling problem here as this was a GDKP run. And you know I love those. So we start bidding. The rogue bids 100g, and I’m just about to bid when the hunter bids 250g. Now, I know this is a joke on her part but the other rogue immediately starts screaming and calling her a huntard. I’m assuming that he didn’t know that she is Gevlons girlfriend …

So I bid 500g, just to get things moving. He increases it to 600g which tells me that he is trying to keep the bid low. Awww … he’s trying to keep the bid low.

1000g from me.

1100g from the rogue.

1500g from me.

There is a long pause, then the rogue says; “Come on, just stop already.” Just stop already? I haven’t even got started. I’ll take this all the way to 10,000 if I have to. The rogue bids a measely 1600g. I top it off to 2000g. There is a looonnng wait. Is there a time limit on how long we can wait? Eventually the rogue says;

“Why are you even bidding, you won’t even use it!”

Ah, I see. You’re looking at my combat spec and thinking that I won’t even use it. Have you ever heard of dual fucking specs and that we are doing these raids to get drops for our little PvP mission that the guild was made for in the first place you moron??

I don’t say that of course. I just mention politely that I also have a mutilate spec. This rogue only joined the guild a week previously. He left his other guild on the realm because he wasn’t getting to raid ICC enough. Yes, you heard it right. The ganking guild is now getting recruits from the two major raiding guilds on the realm to do ICC. They were making fun of our raiding prowess a few weeks ago. We’re now 10/12 in ICC and last night we got Sindy down to, wait for it, 33,000 health before we all keeled over and died. No Alliance guild on the realm has got the Lich King down yet. It will be a source of wet dreams for us if our pvp guild can do it before the raiding guilds can. Because don’t forget that we have been concentrating on pvp gear. Some of our guildies have mega-awesome PvE setups, but a lot of us don’t. I have an ilvl 200 trinket, 213 wrists, 219 boots and 226 chest among my other crappy pieces. But still we’re 10 from 12.

So anyway, back to the bidding. His next bid is 1600g and 5 sets of leg armor, I can’t even remember what they’re called. This is amusing, I thought. Can I throw in a stack of abyss crystals? How about some fish feasts? But then Gevlon comes out with the news that his bid is now worth 2400g taking into account the AH value of the leg armor. What the fuck? It’s not valued at didley squat until he sells it. I thought this was gold bidding? Can I throw in my grandmother too? (I would have if it were possible).

So I bid 2500g. Gevlon just wanted to bump up the price as he loves weapon drop bidding wars. The dagger is mine. I hand over the gold and gaze at its icon with a tenderness bordering on madness. I will never disenchant you my beloved, never ever ever.

After the raid wraps I go and look up my new piece on wowhead. I love doing this as I get to read the long list of comments from people saying how much they love it and how they wish they could have one. But then … only 2 comments. And they’re saying how much the itemization sucks. What the fuck do they know anyway?

There has been an explosion of list posts in the blogosphere this week, with a lot of them being of the warm fuzzy variety. You know the type, stuff like;

10 ways to help people in your raid,
10 things you can do to make the life of people who play WoW with you to be better,
10 gifts you can give to the other faction to show you care,
10 ways to build a healing mentality … wait that’s real …

Anyway, I thought that I would jump on this bandwagon and give you, my fellow dps brethern, some tasty tricks to spice up your dull moments in the game and help you become the better players that I know you can be. So lets get right to it!

1. Stand in the Fire. Yes, I know all those pesky healers and raid leaders constantly tell you not to do this, but my question to them is this: if we don’t stand in the fire, what the fuck is the priest going to do anyway? It’s like we’re giving them a gift, the ability to actually do something for a change. And at the same time we get to kill the stuff that is hiding in that crummy fire, or goo or blue cold or purple death ring, whatever the hell it is. Your job is to kill shit, so get in there and do it. If the healers can’t pull you out then obviously it’s just because they suck.

2. Your cooldowns are YOUR cooldowns. You can hear them saying it in raid: “You need to give me this, give me this when I say, lets swap these, blah blah blah.” Lets pretend you had a precious new born baby. And someone else wants to hold the baby, YOUR baby. I suppose you could let them hold the baby, but then again, why should you? It’s your baby, right? So you hold the baby as much as you want. I think I have explained enough here.

3. You’re allowed to pull. Yeah, I know they tell you to let the tank pull, but lets be honest, if the tank is any good then they can get threat whenever they want. And if you pull you get to kill more stuff. So what you do is you pull and then throw your tricks on the one person in the raid who got the most upset about you standing in the fire. That’ll teach them.

4. Can you maybe use it? Then roll. No matter what anyone else says it is your gear that makes the difference. The better your gear the more you can kill shit. Now that awesome hunter bow might only be a tiny step up from your ilvl 264 throwing star, but if you add all those steps up together then it’s a pretty big step, you know what I’m saying? Also, if you win and equip it then the hunter who missed out on it might be upset and he will probably make some mistakes and die thus enabling you to kill more shit.

5. Prioritise. In some fights the raid leader likes to give a kill “order”. Taking orders is bad, who do these peeps think they are? Particularly when those same orders are designed to get his mates the best dps and kills. You make the order that you want. I recommend from left to right, it always works for me.

6. “Killing guards grants no honor”. But it’s fun.

7. Some other crap. Why are these lists always top 10? Top 6 would be much better, cause it’s easier to remember, right?

8. Rolls in a raid. Your raid leader might ask you to do something stupid like shoot orbs or something. What’s the point in shooting a crummy orb? I didn’t come all this way just to do that. He will then say that this is your “roll”. Well, that’s a load of crap. My preferred roll in a raid is a sausage roll. Failing that a cinnamon roll. What is your favorite raid roll?

9. Help new players. A new player is someone who wants to kill shit that you are supposed to kill. The best way then to help new players is to discourage them from the game so that they won’t be around to bother you. My next top 10 list will be top 10 ways to grief new players.

10. Finally. Finally we get to number fucking 10. You have to love killing stuff. I mean, really lllooooooooovvvvvvvee it. If you don’t really love it then that is fine cause then that’s more stuff for me to kill.

21 arena games and we managed to drop down 4 points. I mean sure, we got our weekly arena badges, but it still feels like we were out there for nothing. Kind of like the Australian football team …
And most of the fault I must pin on myself. Last night I was the suck. I just wasn’t in the zone. We won 5 matches out of 11 sure, but still I was the suck. How does running up to sap a hunter and forgetting about his ice trap sound? Or standing right out in the middle of an open space so a warrior can charge me? Or how about failing to learn that a shaman will open with his hurricane-force-blow-you-back-thingy every fucking time? Forgetting to use blind? That was me. Disarming the wrong class? Hands up for Adam. Doing overall crap damage with my measly ilvl232 weapons against very good geared teams? That would be yours truly. One of the games we ran was against a paladin/druid team. I managed to off the druid in double quick time which left the two of us to take out the paladin. We stood there wailing against this dude in the same spot without any movement for about 4 minutes before he finally did us a favor and keeled over and died. I can just imagine what he was saying to his partner in real time:

“Do you think these two are ever going to kill me?”
“Doesn’t look like it. Keep it up while I go and get a coffee.”
“Sure. Man, this rogue really sucks.”

If you’re going to do arena you must be warned. In any other part of the game you can convince yourself that you’re a good player when actually you suck. In arena there is nowhere to hide. I could feel my partners pain last night, I felt it in his voice on skype. There were these long drawn out sighs. And then at one point I was sure that I could hear him banging his head against the keyboard in a slow thudding motion. Either that or he was jerking off which I don’t want to think about.

But I did learn one thing last night for all you would-be arena rogues out there. Use obstacles. You don’t want to go toe to toe with a warrior, you want to just keep him out of your line of sight. We managed to win a game where I kept a well geared warrior busy chasing me around a large tombstone. He couldn’t use charge or any of his nasty stuns, and every now and again I would turn and unleash a bunch of damage on him and then recommence running in a tight circle again. Eventually my partner gave me the super secret code word to burn him down:

“Finish him!”

And then I blinded him, restealthed and then ass-chopped him to oblivion. Obstacles are great as a rogue. Keep moving around, sprint away and hide to get out of combat, make them waste time looking for you, use distract as often as you can. And above all else, when you’re playing like shit, call it early and go and kill some male blood elves.

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