If starting a blog about rogues, roguing and other words that probably don’t exist, I think it pertinent to consider the reasons why I play a rogue. First of all, I consider the rogue to be the outsider class in Warcraft. We’re not the ones that get along with everybody. Which is normal when you consider we do stuff like pick pockets, pick locks and pick noses. We are the individuals that do not fit into nice society. The outsiders, the ones that don’t follow the normal 9 to 5 grind of the instance office. A priest, particularly a holy priest for example, has to have some friends to help him out. Otherwise he will become a clothy smear on the underbelly of a gnoll. Rogues are sneaky – we sneak in and sneak out and when things aren’t going our way we up and vanish. We’re not trying to be your friend, your buddy or your pal. We don’t care if you like us or not. We are independent of other peoples good opinions. Rogues are free.

Although we might not get invited to instance runs much due to this. Still, I have that covered, just refer back to the first post in this blog.

I like doing DPS. I’ve tried tanking. It’s fun up to a point, but it’s pretty limiting. You stand at the front and get hit a lot and pray that the priest isn’t watching Lost while he’s supposed to be healing. Healers. I tried those as well. You stand at the back and heal a lot and prey that the tank isn’t watching Lost while he’s supposed to be tanking. DPS is the fun stuff for me. You go in and hit things really hard, and prey that the tanks and healers are watching lost so you get more time to hit things.

So I like DPS. Well, there are other DPS classes. Hunters get to stand back and get cool pets and fling arrows and stuff. Warlocks get to be all evil and dark and misunderstood. Mages get to throw fireballs around with really crap graphic effects. And then there are all the hybrid classes. I’ve never liked hybrid classes. They’re like the people that played an Elven Fighter/Mage/Thief in Dungeons and Dragons. They were so, so versatile, and so, so boring. They could do everything, so they ended up doing lots of stuff in a fairly meh way. Don’t get me wrong hybrid classes, I love your buffs. And that’s about it.

But a rogue can stealth and be sneaky. A rogue can get the hell out of Dodge when things are going the shape of a very large pear. A rogue knows that he’s always going to be the last to be rezzed so he does his best not to die in the first place. A rogue can take on a bunch of opponents at the same time and leave them begging for mercy. A rogue gets to pick and choose on their own terms, and that suits me just fine. It’s how I am in real life, and no matter what we say otherwise, in WoW we gravitate to characters and roles that we feel comfortable with in real life.

Which is why all these Death Knights running around is really freaking me out.