It’s been about a week since my last post, mostly due to the fact that a few of us have set up a new raiding guild and I have been hard at work on the new guild website. That plus skipping through the mountain daffodils as Spring has arrived.

Anyway, today I thought I would meander on a bit about my computer game playing history. You see, I’ve been around for a while boys and girls, oh yes indeed…

So here is a list of the games that I played that brought me to my present condition of WoW gamer.

1. Gauntlet was the first D&D style game that I played, and only thanks to the fact that one of my school friends had an awesome Commodore 64. You could play an Elf or a Wizard, you ran around killing stuff and you inevitably died of starvation, a recurring theme in many early games. Wizard needs food badly!

2. Bards Tale Things stepped up a bit when my parents bought me an Amiga 500. Back in 1986 this was the game computer to have. And this game was a revelation. This game gave us different classes, experience points, and the classic dungeon crawl which entailed players having to map out the dungeon  with a pen and paper. Game combat was scripted without graphics, and the game was hard, I mean it took you ages to get to the end. But this baby whetted our appetites at the possibilities out there.

3.The Faery Tale Adventure was the first fantasy role-playing game that we found that really utilized the Amiga 500’s awesome graphics potential for its time. This game had a huge game world, and NPC’s were friendly or unfriendly based on a players previous behavior. You began the game as the elder of three brothers. He usually died in horrible ways within a few minutes. You then moved on to the second brother who wasn’t much better. You then had to do your best to keep the third brother alive until he became super-mega-powerful.

4. Nethack was so good that I still play it occasionally today. The graphics are mostly pathetic but the gameplay is second to none. This game has everything. No matter what action you can think up, the devs thought of it before you. Want to eat your own sword? You can try, but a message will come up such as, “You find that particularly indigestible.” I really recommend that you download and play this game. Start as a Valkyrie as you will have the best chance of surviving. Trust me on this, NetHack is awesome even 20 years later.

5. Warcraft 1 This was our first introduction to what would become a huge enterprise ten years later. It was orcs versus humans. I have to be honest, I always played the humans. My friend always wanted to play the Orcs. Years later in WoW, I play a Night Elf and he plays a Tauran. Go figure, nothing changes much.

6.Diablo set the scene for much of the future game-play of WoW. A flat-mate of mine bought the game and sat in his room for three or four days straight until he finished it. Then it was my turn. Happy times. Although, I have to say that once I finished it, that was it. I never looked at it again.

7. Baldurs Gate had the best graphics for its time. Add to that the fact that it was based on the Forgotten Realms D&D setting, and had sensational game-play, this game consumed me for quite some time.

So there you have it. Although the list is incomplete, due to the fact that I have without doubt forgotten some titles that I played, these were the games that I played the most up to WoW. And I would say that WoW owes something to each and every one of these titles. And my favorite? Nethack, without a doubt. In fact, I just might go and play a game now.