I got a great drop in Naxx normal the other night. Torment of the Banished dropped for me, which is a big upgrade over what I had before. I stuck Mongoose on it immediately, the mats for which I had sitting in the bank ready for just such an occasion. On checking out my gear score on wowheros, I randomly clicked on the little upgrade button on the side of my new sword. What could be better than my new shiny sword, I wondered.

A lot.

There is big news for combat sword rogues. Ulduar has saved us. With the changes to Lightening Reflexes in patch 3.1, Sword/Fist and Sword/Dagger are no longer an option. Before this patch a lot of rogues wielding a sword in the main hand put Librarian’s paper cutter in their offhand due to its awesome 1.30 speed. Remember little boy and girl rogues, your off hand needs to be fast. And before Ulduar we had no choice but to stick a dagger or a fist in our offhand.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the Rune-Etched Nightblade. With a speed factor of 1.40, this is a combat sword rogues wet dream. It has a 20% drop-rate off the Steelbreaker, so I recommend that you start camping that dude asap.

There are a few more great swords to be found in Ulduar. Serilas, Blood Blade of Invar One Arm, apart from having a stupidly long name is very nice indeed. The 2.60 speed is perfect for your main hand, nice and slow for proccing those poisons. A good dosing of hit, attack power and expertise, and a gem socket thrown in for good measure. Nice.

Some people are preferring Malice instead, but its 2.50 speed is just a wee bit too fast for a main hand for me. Of course, if it dropped I wouldn’t say no …

And finally, for a stupid amount of damage per second, check out the new Furious Gladiator Longblade for arena minded folk. 188.1 dps. Holy maloney. Might even tempt me to start playing arena’s ….

Only kidding.

So there are some new swords for you to check out. The full list is here. Happy hunting kiddies!