Tonight our guild tried to take down Malygos for the first time. Now normally this sort of thing would not be worthy of a blog mention. But I think I may have stumbled onto something pretty neat for rogues. We got to the third phase a couple of times before the boss enraged and we wiped. Finally, one of our group had to leave and we thought that we’d just practice for a bit trying to stack two of the sparks on our group at the same time.

Malygos also has a vortex ability that throws you around the air and takes your health down to close to zero. I had been popping ‘Feint’ when he did this to see if I would take less damage. That didn’t seem to have any effect. But on our last try I popped something else just before the vortex began. I hit ‘Blade Flurry’.

And I didn’t go into the vortex.

Yep, you heard it right: Blade Flurry negates the vortex. I did it twice in the same fight and it worked for me both times.

Now priests and paladins used to have similar bugs on the vortex that Blizzard found out about and nerfed. So my fellow back-stabbers, lets just keep this between each other. Nudge nudge, wink wink and all that.


I wrote this post last night while tired. I don’t function when tired, not in the least. So what I’m trying to say is that I made a major boo-boo here. It’s not Blade Flurry that negates the vortex. Killing Spree is the actual ability that has this effect. Sorry, my apologies, kill me now.