The WoW Insider podcast episode from the 18th of May talked again about the Insider teams incredibly stupid idea of giving Bloodlust to Rogues to buff their raid utility. Well, to be honest, they mostly spoke about Shamans but they did speak about Rogues once. Mike Schramm asked Lesley Smith what her opinion was about giving Bloodlust to rogues. She thought that it wasn’t a good idea, and then backed up her opinion with this devastatingly profound explanation:

“… Rogues are big on the all, … sneaky-sneaky, killy-killy, rather than so much, pewy-pewy.”

I mean, are we fucking serious? What the hell does “pewy-pewy” mean? I don’t even know if I spelled that right. I had to listen to it five times just to try and work out what the hell she was saying. This is the wowinsider podcast, supposedly the font on the internet on serious information regarding all things WoW, and this is what they come up with based on their own originally crap idea.

The wowinsider podcast has always been something of a lame duck, but this is just pathetic. For those of you who are masochistic enough to listen to it, the quote in question occurs around the 29 minute mark.

Coming up later on today or tomorrow, I will review the main WoW podcasts. Trust me, the reviews will be scathing.