So coming up in the next patch are axes for rogues. It’s a little bit left field, but hey, we take what we can get, right?

Actually, all that this announcement has resulted in is rogues crying en masse on various forums about how this is a stupid idea. Apparently it is a stupid idea because:

It isn’t realistic and doesn’t fit in with the lore.

You can’t stab someone in the back with an axe or incapacitate a guard with one.

Axes aren’t concealable, (This made me laugh. Like my two huge swords are concealable.)

There are many others like this. Almost everyone says that the much better idea would have been to give shamans one handed swords, as this would have solved an itemization problem and taken nothing from rogues, amongst other arguments.

All I can say to this is, are you fucking kidding me? I mean, you seriously want to have another class rolling against us on swords? This would make you happy?? We got the huge end of the deal here and you guys are complaining? The Devs must be open mouthed in shock at this reaction. What do they have to do to keep you guys happy?

For me this is great news for combat rogues – it give us more options, and with the changes to the talent tree to accommodate it, (sword specialization will now be called Hack and Slash and also applies to axes), we could be seeing sword/axe as the new combat weapon combo.

Now so far in the game there is but one raiding axe in Ulduar, which is a main hand. But you can bet your little piggy bank that they will bring a bunch of other axes in to cover this. So we will have more goodies to choose from. More goodies, more options, more drops, more hot chicks … and we didn’t even ask for them. So they haven’t fixed vanish yet, well that is a bummer, but hey; I’m taking this new axe option with glee.

If you’re one of the rogues who have been complaining about this … well, I mean seriously:

Just do us all a favor and go roll a Death Knight.