Last night I jumped into Ulduar for the first time with my guild. We downed the first three bosses and then left off to have another crack at it on Tuesday evening. This run has caused me some problems, however. I got two weapon drops,Razorscale Talon and Kinetic Ripper.

So I have two new weapons from Ulduar, level 219 beauties, both of them combat rogue weapons, with one being a main hand and the other an off hand. Doesn’t get better than this, yeah?

Well, one’s a sword and the other is a fist and apparently sword/fist was broken a while back and never to be fixed again. So I woke up this morning and began to search on the net for info on this. And I’ve searched and searched and searched. And all anyone can say is that duel specs are dead. So I plugged these two weapons into Aldriana’s spreadsheet and I got some serious DPS numbers come up. Much more serious than my current numbers. So I am going to experiment, dear readers. Whenever a rogue asks on a forum post on which weapons they should use as a combat spec, more often than not the answer is to use the weapons that you have, and more often than not this is good advice to follow. So I am going to butcher my talent tree slightly and see if I can make these two beauties work for me.

I have one floating talent point which I can throw into CQC from Endurance. I am going to steal one point each from Lethality, Combat Potency and Sword Specialization to bring CQC up to 4 points. That is the plan. We will see how it goes. But if any of you have any advice on this to make it work, please throw it my way.

All in all I have three options:

Razorscale Talon/Kinetic Ripper. (Sword/Fist)
Razorscale Talon/Hatestrike. (Sword/Sword)
Greed/Kinetic Ripper. (Fist/Fist)

Oh the dilemma!