Yesterday I spent the day in Darnassus. I also spent a lot of gold. On talent builds. I attempted every combination I could think of to test out my two new Ulduar weapons – to see if Sword/Fist could work. I tested the weapons without any buffs and I tested on the Heroic Boss combat dummy. I did use poisons though, as I wanted to give the fast off-hand a chance to proc this.

To begin with I tried Sword/Sword with a normal 15/51/5 combat sword spec. I used my new drop, Razorscale Talon as well as my trusty Hatestrike. Hatestrike’s speed is 1.60, so it’s not that fast. My average DPS was 2150 after a good few minutes thrashing the hell out of that dummy. I used a rotation of 2s/5e rinse and repeat. Just to keep it simple.

Next I threw my two fist weapons on, Greed and my other new drop, Kinetic Ripper. I kept the sword spec and got an average DPS of 1980.

Then I put my two new weapons on, Razorscale Talon in main hand and Kinetic Ripper in offhand – Sword/Fist combination with a normal sword spec still. The result was 2020 DPS.

Next I tried all three combinations once again, but this time using a combat 15/51/5 spec with Close Quarters Combat. The results were:

Sword/Sword: 2055 DPS
Fist/Fist: 2060 DPS
Sword/Fist: 2045 DPS

Then I tried my bastardized Combat Spec. I put 4 points in both CQC and Sword Specialization, while losing one point each from Endurance, Lethality and Combat Potency. The results were:

Sword/Sword: 2060 DPS
Fist/Fist: 2010 DPS
Sword/Fist: 2070 DPS

So after all that the very first combo that I tried was the highest DPS. Just to make sure, I went back and tried it again and still got an average DPS above 2100, and for some of it I was sitting on 2350-2400. Hatestrike is slower than Kinetic Ripper, but the faster fist still couldn’t make up for the mighty main-hand power of the Razorscale Talon.

So to sum up: It seems that your main hand weapon has a bigger overall effect than your off-hand, (even when using Fist/Fist the Kinetic Ripper couldn’t pull the worse main hand up), and Sword/Fist at this stage is a non event. Which is a shame; I like the Kinetic Ripper a lot. But in the bank it will stay until I get an awesome main-hand Fist drop. I’m going back into Ulduar tonight, so I may play around a bit again with these weapons and see what results I get.