Well, not much anyway. And certainly not to the extent that Christian Chase is talking about here. What am I talking about? One of the comments in Chase’s article sums it up nicely;

” … On the next trash pull, though, when your CDs are still blown, if there’s 3 or more mobs I’ll just keep SnD up on one of ’em and spam FoK. Still does tons of damage.”

Gee, that sounds like fun. Sit there and keep up slice and dice while you just spam Fan of Knives the whole time. Yeah, that’s why I started playing this game in the first place, for a real challenge.
In the all out blood rush to top the damage meters, all players are doing a lot of the time is making the game boring for themselves. Don’t get me wrong – on any boss fight I am trying to top the damage meters. And if a trash pull goes wrong then I will up my damage output any way I can. But going all-out all the time to top the charts just means that the game becomes somewhat stale.

On large trash pulls I like to float around a bit, like say a rogue actually would. I like to neutralize and take down the casters and healers using my stuns and interrupts as much as I can. I might hit the dreaded Blade Flurry and Adrenalin Rush double and take out two mobs at once, then finish them off with a Killing Spree. In other words I like to quickly examine each encounter and see how I can be as useful as possible while still having fun and keeping my interest in the game. Sometimes that will mean that I will top the damage meters on a trash fight, sometimes it won’t. But the group that I play with know that I understand how to use my rogue to get the most out of her in any given situation. This is why playing with a good raiding group is so much more rewarding than Pugging or playing with a team that has the ‘Damage Charts Blinkers’ on all the time.

I like to use FoK together with Tricks of the Trade as an emergency threat generator button. Back in Burning Crusade, Hunters were the shit when it came to their misdirect ability. It was a huge thing for them to bring to fights and often we had to have a hunter in the group just for that. In Wrath, Tricks together with Fan of Knives are our own version of that. Just the other night in Ulduar while fighting Kologarn, (The big guy who you only see from the waist up because he isn’t wearing any pants), I used this combination on our off tank when he had to pick up the rubble adds, as without this he was having problems picking them up.

Of course, play the game how you want. If that means doing whatever it is that you have to in order to top the meters, then go for it. But it’s not the only way to play and enjoy the game and still be a successful raider. I mean, if they introduce a pink fedora that ups rogues DPS by 0.5%, I am sure that there will be a lot of rogues that will wear it. You won’t see me wearing it though.