At this time of year my WoW time is severely limited due to work commitments, (and my blog posting as well, apologies for that. Normal service to resume after 22nd August.) So my playing time consists of my Sunday night raids into Ulduar on 10 man. Last week I got the Pyrite Infuser, Nice! But the problem is the Flame Leviathan. The first few times you do him, it’s fun. Interesting even. Then you can try out all the different vehicles if your attention starts to wane.

But at the end of the day, going through the Flame Lev fight again is like masturbating with a cheese grater. Slightly interesting, but mostly painful.

The problem is that I’m not playing my rogue. I’m driving a stupid vehicle and spamming a few buttons. And running away when it targets me. That’s it. I mean, whoppee fucking poopee. This is so lame now it make my eyes cross over in spasms of futility. I don’t mind going through easy bosses. Hell, I was on a Naxx 10 farming run a few weeks ago to help out some guildies and I had fun on Anub’Rekhan the first boss in the Spider Quarter. I had fun because I was PLAYING MY ROGUE. Which is why I play the game, you morons at Blizzard.

It would be OK this Flame Lev crap, if that was all we had to do. But taking half an hour driving around at 3 miles per hour to take out the Iron council really gets up my goat. Can’t we just get this out of the way already??

No, we can’t. Because this Boss has been carefully planned by Blizzard. The other week I was in Zul Gurub, trying to get the Tiger Mount with a friend of mine. A level 60 raid and the two of us breezed it. But this will not be the case with Ulduar after a few expansions have gone by. Don’t expect to just walk in and clear the lot with a friend. Because the Flame Leviathan is there to stop that sort of play. Your character will affect the vehicles health, but the damage is the same. So in the future, even if you are level 100, you are still going to need almost a full raid to take this prick down. Which is what I think Blizzard actually had in mind with this highly annoying boss.

Oh well, it beats fishing I suppose.