With the release of the 3.2.2 patch notes, rogues have had the nerf bat swung around their head repeatedly.

And I am very happy about it.

The patch notes state that Fan of Knives will have its damage output reduced by 30%, and Throwing Spec no longer causes FoK to interrupt spellcasting. The Throwing spec nerf is obviously meant for PvP, (although it will have some effects in PvE), and while most bloggers are saying that this is meant as a big PvP nerf which has effects on PvE as well, I truely think that Blizzard has meant this to go acoss the board.

Fan of Knives has always given me the shits. I’ve said it in previous posts and I’m saying it again. It is an un-rogue-like ability. It was born out of Blizzard pandering to the whingers on their official forums who pleaded, begged, sulked and cried for an AoE ability for rogues. And they gave in, the morons. And we got Fan of fucking knives. And rogues passed from a class of skill to a class of one button spamming, at least on trash. So this nerf is awesome. We are back to where we should be. Single target dps, which means skill. It brings a little ability back in to play called positioning. It means you have to target select with care. Things which I have continued to do during the FoK dark time. But I was getting called out by other players. “Just use your fan of knives, get them down quicker.”

Excuse me? I am playing this game for enjoyment as well, you know. Not just as a dps spam meter. And I just stun-locked that healer that was going to heal the whole group, and then I interrupted that spell caster who was casting chain lightening.

“Yeah, lol, whatever, just use Fan of knives, okay”

I am so happy that Blizzard has done this. It means that they understand not only our class but the type of people who play it. Yes, WoW has had to pander to the masses a great deal. You can only get 11 million players if you do that. But at the same time they have kept certain apects of the game for the original gamer. Rogues are one of those aspects of the game. With Fan of Knives they were in danger of losing that vision. Thankfully with this patch they are back on the right track.