So, who’s been running around collecting badges non-stop by running heroics? I bet a lot of you have. I’ve been doing a bit, but not enough to earn anything good yet. One thing that I have noticed is the amount of n00bs, (players who don’t know how to play their class when running in a group), with very good gear. It used to be that a players gear was a sign of their ability level. If they had top level gear then they were running in and clearing the hardest content.

Not anymore.

I have been running with DPS who cannot handle their threat, and can’t DPS much either. Healers who can’t heal, and the Tanks … oh my Lord, the Tanks. Thankfully there is a way to distinquish a n00b from a good player now.

The first 3 minutes of a Heroic Run.

Anyway, new patches with new raiding content always excite me for the possibilites of new swords for me to get my hands on. So I jumped on the internets and began checking out what had been added in the new patch as regards swords for me. And I got a bit of a shock. We got nothing. Now, fair enough there were a lot of swords added in Ulduar. But this patch consists of basically two types of weapons for rogues – daggers and axes.

Dagger rogues have long complained, and rightly so, that they had gotten the short end of the pointy bit in regards of weapon choice. Well, they need complain no longer. The new patch has 8, count them 8 new daggers for rogues to get their mitts around, (thought to be fair some of these are the same weapons just different versions for Horde and Alliance). Some nice ones in the list as well.

Combat Rogues can now use axes as well with the changes to the talent tree and sword specialization becoming Hack and Slash, which effects both swords and axes. So you could thus say that combat sword rogues did get some new swords. The only thing is, they’re not swords, they’re axes. So sword/axe, (or Axe/Sword), is now most certainly the new combo of choice. Let us not forget Axe/Axe for the really new-age sword rogues amongst us. What are these new pointy axes like?

All the Axe speeds are 2.60/1.50 as opposed to the off hand daggers being mostly 1.40.  The level 232 axes do 178.8 dps, while the level 245 axes do 196.5 dps. There are five new axes but at this point we only know where one of them drops. That is the Bloody Fury, which drops off Lord Jaraxxus in the 25 man version.

The full list is here.

So what is the new dream team of weapons for a combat rogue?

In my opinion the best combo at this point is the Hellscream Slicer mainhand with a Void Sabre in your off-hand. Having these two equipped should go some way to making up for all those n00bs out there!