Talent builds, Glyphs, Poisons and Cooking

I had some interesting reactions to part 1 of this series – both positive and negative, enough that I will soldier on with my task ahead of the usual barrages of criticsim. A rogue has to learn to take it. There’s a lesson for you newbie rogues. Enough of the skulking in the shadows, lets get to it.

Talent Builds.

Combat. There are two key parts of the combat talent tree:  These are Hack & Slash which effects swords and axes, and Close Quarters Combat, (commonly known as CQC), which entails fist weapons and daggers. There is also a 5 point mace specialization talent but I doubt that you are sitting there young noobie rogue with two awesome maces, so forget about it.  Any reputable combat build will include 5 points in one or the other of Hack & Slash or CQC. This means that it is inadvisable to mix weapons such as sword/fist. If you do this then you will get inferior DPS. The talent build that is generally regarded as having the highest DPS in combat is the 15/51/5 build. In this link there are 5 points in CQC. Just swap them to Hack & Slash depending on your weapons.

Mutilate: I haven’t played Mutilate, ever. But I can do research for you, and the 51/13/7 build is the stock standard “I have awesome DPS” Mutilate spec. Although if more experienced Mutilate rogues want to chime in with their opinions, that would be most welcome.


Combat: At anything below high end raiding level the two must have combat glyphs are Sinister Strike and Rupture. Your third Glyph is up to you. Killing Spree is a good option, but there are quite a few fights where Killing Spree is tricky to execute or unusable. For that reason I go with Slice & Dice, but the choice is up to you. Eviscerate isn’t a bad option either.

Mutilate: Mutilate, Rupture and Hunger for Blood.

Minor glyphs are just that, minor. The Glyph of Blurred Speed can come in very handy though.


It’s amazing how many rogues I see using the wrong poisons, and these are so important to your DPS. As a combat rogue on a straight DPS boss fight such as the Deconstructor in Ulduar, (a great DPS test as you do not have to move much, you can just pour on the damage. Patchwerk is another example of a good DPS boss test), my poisons usually make up around 25% of my damage output. That’s a lot, so you need to get these right. For combat rogues it is very simple. Repeat this mantra:

Main Hand – Wound Poison, Off hand – Deadly Poison.

For Mutilate Rogues I am pretty sure that you want Instant poison on your main hand and Deadly on your off hand. I could be wrong here though. It’s been known to happen …

If you’re about to go into a boss fight make sure that you have at least 15 minutes available on each poison. If not, reapply them. They cost next to nothing you cheapskates!


I know what you’re thinking. Cooking?? Why the hell would I want to do that??

I can give you some reasons: Fish feast, Poached Northern Sculpin, Rhinolicious Worm Steak, Snapper Extreme, the list goes on. These food buffs are invaluable in a raid or Heroic situation and you shouldn’t be relying on other players to have them. If everyone did that then we wouldn’t have them on a raid at all. They are also a great source of income as you can sell stacks of these for big casharoola on the auction house. It’s a great idea to level fishing at the same time as cooking and this guide from El’s Extreme Angling is brilliant.

That’s it for this week, if you have any questions, queries or abusive comments, please post them up! Otherwise I’ll catch you next week for the big fat juicy bits – your gear, rotations and how to actually fight as a melee dps player.