I was going to talk about gear and rotations in this episode. But I have decided to talk about something a little more important, and that is heroic and raiding philosophy. It is useless for you to gear yourself up, gem and enchant, get your professions maxed, sort out your talent tree, download addons and all the other stuff if you don’t come to the raid prepared with the right attitude.

Because my little stabby friend, you will suck. You will suck big time. You who have never run a raid before, who never had their dps hit 1000, who never even knew how much dps you were doing, you will be crap. You will die within 10 seconds of the floor dance beginning on Heigen the unclean. You will stand in the fire, you will pull the slimes, you will pull threat, you will stand in the wrong place, you will probably stand in front of the boss for all I know. You will be last on the dps meters and if you aren’t, it’s only because someone else was pulling adds off the healers while you were blinkered on the boss. Other players will be whispering the raid leader saying, “who is this fucking moron?” And that’s if they’re being nice. And the raid leader will be thinking the same thing. And you will be thinking;

“Awesome! I finally get to see the inside of this place! And it’s so cool!”

Yes, my friend, you will be the grand-daddy of suckiness.

But there is something that you can do.

You can admit to everyone that you suck. Admiting something to yourself and others is the first step into not sucking. But there is something even more important for you to do on this first raid and for every one after.

At some point, after your 20th fuck up in a row, some poor soul on the raid is going to summon up the courage to offer you some advice. They might do it in a friendly way, they may not. But whatever way they do it, this is the most important moment for you. How you react when that first advice is offered will determine your raiding career for here and ever after. Firstly, I am going to give you an example of how 95% of noobs in this position react:

“xXkillerXx, we really need you to stop standing in the fire on this boss. And can you also DPS him from the side and not behind as his tail will kill you.”

There are two possible reactions here that suck. Here they are:

Reaction 1: “No way man, it wasn’t me, I wasn’t in the fire, how come you are all picking on me just cause I’m new ….???”

Here is the second reaction. The second reaction is worse:

Reaction 2: “kk.” (while thinking the exact same things in reaction 1.)

Do you want to be one of the 5% who react well? The 5% go on to be great raiders who incedently do awesome dps and get all the cool gear and hot chicks. How do the 5% react? Like this:

“No probs, sorry about that, let me know if I do it again, and thanks for telling me.”

If you say this, then the whole raid will breathe a collective sigh of relief in front of their monitor screens. Now they know that they can mold you into a raider, and one that will do awesome dps. Because you have the right attitude. You know that you suck, you want to get better but you don’t know how. And these guys can help you, in a big way. But return the favour. Don’t let them teach you and gear you up only for you to leave them for a “better raiding guild.” Show some loyalty and help those other newbies that are trying to get in.

There are some other important points for a raiding attitude:

Turn up 15 minutes before the start time, at the summoning stone, with all your pots, poisons, food buffs etc, ready to go. If you do this then you’re already in the top 5%.

If you think that you could never stand someone telling you that you’re doing something wrong, just do us all a favor and stay with yuor 600 dps. It will save pain all round.