I don’t normally take other bloggers to task. They can write what they want, it’s their blog after all, if they want to write that the sky is green and the sea is hazlenut, who am I to tell them otherwise?

You know what’s coming, don’t you. I have never read the Pig Pinktail inn before, and after reading this post I’m pretty sure the only reason that I would ever go back is if I needed to confirm my disbelief somewhat over the human race. Now I know that by playing WoW we are playing in a fantasy world, but does this mean that we actually have live in one? The writer of this post talks about the social nicities of whether or not you can apply to another guild while you are still in a guild. OK, I suppose this could be an interesting topic, but we all know that 99% of people playing WoW do this already or will do this at some point so what is there to talk about …?

Oh wait …

” … I can’t help wondering a bit about what makes people apply to other guilds behind the back of their current one….”

Can someone really be this stupid? What is all this ‘behind the back’ bullshit? A guild is not a ‘social contract’, as she put it, (I’m assuming that anyone who has a blog called the Pink Pigtail Inn is a she), it isn’t any contract at all. I didn’t sign anything. I pushed a button that said ‘join guild’, and I can leave the guild any time I choose with no consequences by punching another button called ‘leave guild’. Hell, I can just write it in chat and I leave! It’s like the old mexican divorce by pointing at your wife and saying, “I divorce you” three times, only quicker and without someone throwing kitchen utensils at you. But wait, it gets better …

” … While I wouldn’t hesitate a second to throw in applications for other jobs while still employed in real life – I’ve done it several times myself – I would never do the same in WoW …”

Ok, so what she is saying is that working together with people in a job in real life in a productive activity for lets say, 40 hours a week, and where she has most probably signed a real contract with writing and stuff causes her to have no loyalty whatsoever, but playing a fantasy game on the internet with people that she has never met in her life before causes her to suddenly take on levels of loyalty and ethics that would do Ghandi proud. That’s brilliant. I hope she never comes to me looking for a job.

But the real problem here is that she acts a certain way in real life but then another in WoW, which is fine, but she seems to be under the mistaken illusion that everyone else will be partaking of this schizophrenic activity. Here is the big news flash; people in WoW act the same as in real life, if not more so. The 14 year old writing “lolzs, looking for gear upgrades” outside the Stormwind auction house will actually talk like that in class tomorrow. Anyway, back to the quoting …

” … When I left my former guild and joined my current last year, I didn’t apply before I was guildless. It’s a matter of honesty …”

Like in the real world with your employers, yeah? (She mentions honesty a few times in her post. Hilarious.) And what happens if you’re pugging a heroic and one of the group says that you’re the best gnome tank that they’ve ever seen and that they would love you to join their guild? Do you run around screaming with your hands over your ears because to even listen to them speak about applying to their guild would contradict your high-end morality? Or can you speak about it, check out their guild web-site, see what their progression is like etc and that is ok? You can’t apply, that’s all. Because, and this is the best bit;

” … If you think that guild applying people are showing disloyalty and disrespect, and you’d rather kick them from the guild if you’d find out – you should make this clear from the beginning …”

Excuse me, but how on earth are you ever going to find out that one of your guildies has applied to another guild? You’re going to find out eventually I suppose, when they leave your guild for their new found love. It’s a bit late to kick them as punishment for applying to another guild when they have already left yours. And what sort of punishment is this anyway? By this morality it would be ok for your employer to kick you in real life for applying for another job if they found out. Yeah, I bet you’d be the first one to run screaming to the lawyers if that happened.

She goes on to wonder why on earth players would ever deem to look for another guild while they were still in one. Golly gee whizz, Jimmy Bob, I just can’t think of any reasons at all. How about that your current guild sucks big fat donkey balls? That could be a reason, I suppose. Oh no, wait. She came up with a reason all on her ownsome:

” … The only reason I can think of is character progression and gearing …”

As we used to say in grade 4, ” Well like, no shit sherlock.”