We’ve been running Ulduar 25 in normal mode for the last two weeks. We’re progressing slowly, but so far we’re up to Auriaya, better known as the crazy cat lady. We have merged with another guild for these runs, and between us there are six rogues in the group, with the top four rogues pumping out some nice DPS numbers at the top of the damage sheets. There are a couple of druids in the group as well, plus three shammy’s and a hunter. That’s a good amount of players who can wear leather armor. The problem is, there isn’t any.

So far in two runs with 11 bosses down we have seen 4 leather drops. Three of these have been items with intelligence stacked on it, ie not something for a stabby rogue to use. The one rogue drop was the Relic hunters cord which dropped off a random mob. I lost the roll, yippee!!

I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if some decent rogue gear actually drops. I think that us rogues are going to go mad. Plus it’s hard to do these runs, night after night, and not get anything. The amount of plate that is dropping is quite simply astounding. Our tanks are getting some really great gear. If you add to this the fact that all of the cloak, amulet, trinket and ring drops have been for tanks and spell-casters, us rogues are looking at each other a little bit bemused.

There are 23 leather item drops in Ulduar 25 normal. Of these, just 12 are rogue items. I know that everyone has been saying that you can gear up really quickly now, but Ulduar has me scratching my head. There are 19 rings to be found in Ulduar, yet only a measly 3 of them can be used by rogues, and two of those drop off Yogg-Saron and Genral Vezax, bosses found right at the end of the raid. I can’t see us getting those any time soon.
There is just a single neck piece available out of 10 amulets and, yes, you guessed it, this one also drops off Genral Vezax. We have only 2 cloak drops out of 9 in total, one of which is a random mob drop while the other drops off Hodir. I have conflicting information on this but it could be that this cloak only drops in hard mode. If that is the case, insult to injury! I won’t talk about trinkets as we know that if one drops just about everyone will roll on it.

Really, after going through all of these it’s just a tad depressing. Looking at this, if I really wanted to gear my rogue then I’d just run heroics plus Naxx a couple of times a week. All those badges would be a much better idea than taking my few hours available per week to play and smashing my head against the loot-less world of Ulduar.

Oh, and did I mention that these are two-guild runs? So that means that there is no loot system. I think that my monitor would be in grave danger if something nice finally dropped after weeks of running these and a first-timer for the raids topped the roll. Blood would flow …