When MMORG bloggers mention the game Farmville, they usually couple it with an adjective, the usual ones being “stupid” and “pointless”. And who I am I to disagree? It sounds not only stupid and pointless, it sounds utterly fucking ridiculous into the bargain. Stories such as people setting their alarm clocks to wake up at 1 in the monring so they can fertalize their raspberry crop. I can tell you right now that if I have to set my alarm to do that there is only one thing that I would be fertalizing …

And then there are all the stupid messages that crop up on facebook as a result of this. Things like, “Sad-fucking-Sally has just had a black sheep wander into her farm. It’s lonely due to the fact that it is black and unlike the other sheep …”

Sounds slightly racial to me, but then again, what the hell do I know? And what the hell do I care about your stupid black sheep? Butcher it and make a nice yummy lamb cassarole but do not bother me with this shit. Ok, yes, I play WoW, but do you hear me announcing to the world that I have just looted a new-beaut sword plus 777 of death? No, you don’t, cause I refuse to get invloved with the abomination that is Twitter, that’s why.

So us MMORG bloggers like to take the piss out of Farmville. Aren’t we all clever, heh? Yep, I sure do feel clever putting those sad schumcks down who play that game that is free …

Farmville is a revolution in the world of MMORG. This is going to change everything as we know it, just in the way that Facebook did. Before Facebook, spending time on personal computers was mostly for nerds. You would get beaten up by the cool guys at school, and the hot chicks would not look at you for all the botox in the world. But Facebook changed all that. Well, okay so you still get beaten up by the cool guys and the hot chicks still won’t look at you, but now they’re all on personal computers as well! It’s not only cool to be on the internet now, you’re a loser if you’re not. So why is Farmville a revolution? Well, there was still one bastion of being a fucking loser on the internet and that was playing games like World of Warcraft. And the biggest put-down that could be thrown at you was that you were a loser who was wasting his time in your basement playing a dumb game. But now the cool kids have caught up with us and have realised that actually, playing these games in your basement is kind of fun.

Farmville is going to make MMORG’s cool. Now I know that a great deal of people play MMORGs from WoW to EvE online to Second Life, but really they are a drop in the bucket in the total population of people who use Facebook for example. But now everyone on Facebook is apprently into this Farmville stupidity, (see what I did there?), and there is only one logical next step for this mass of new gamers to progress to: MMORGs.

I bet that Blizzard is watching this Farmville revolution very closely and if they’re not, they should be. Because these people could very well be the next huge market for MMORGs. If you can set your alarm to get up at 1am to farm raspberries, you can set it to farm the auction house as well. It’s just one more step on the slippery slope to your parents basement.