Westfall is my favorite zone of all time. I love its athestics. It reminds me of where I grew up, as it bears striking similarities to the countryside surrounding Perth, Western Australia. The sun-burnt fields, the delicious combinations of colours in browns, reds and yellows that contrasts with the big blue sky. The shoreline in Westfall is the perfect place to watch the sun rise or set, the pastel of accompanying colours is often brilliant to behold. The keep at Sentinal Hill rises up in the distance like a lonely beacon, and being placed squarely in the middle of the zone, it makes questing easier. The inn is no great shakes, possibly the most forgettable inn in the entire game. I feel that the inn could have been made one of the most interesting of all, filled with refugees from the troubles all over the farming community. But still, one little thing to nitpick is not that much after all.

Westfall is home to a wonderful rogue quest, Klavens Tower, which teaches you poisons and gets you the recipe for Thistle Tea. What a great quest. You have to scope out the tower, pickpocket one of the nasty looking undead roaming around it, stealth your way in past the guards, stealth up the stairs using sap judiciously here and there, take on the elite at the top and then loot the chest. But oh noes! The chest was trapped with a nasty poison, thus sending you on another quest. This was the first time playing a rogue that I really felt like a rogue. A sneaky, nasty, tricky little bastard. It was great.

But most importantly, Westfall is the location for the Deadmines, my first ever instance. I discovered this with some real life freinds by accident. We didn’t know anything about running instances, about what was required, tanks and all that stuff, nothing known at all. We found the entrance in Moonbrook and made our way carefully in. The deeper we delved the more we knew that we were in over our heads, but we couldn’t stop exploring as it was so interesting. Then finally we stumbled on the swirly instance entrance. What the hell was this? Do we go in? Obviously we went in, and even more obviously we didn’t get very far that time. But we came back after doing our homework and we eventually overcame the deadmines and Van Cleef.

The fact that tier 9 rogue gear is named after Van Cleef just goes to show how cool this whole place is. And what about the Westfall Saber, currently the best rogue off hand sword in the game. They named it after my favourite zone, man I want this sword. My kingdom for this sword! I would never disenchant thee …

OK, so I imagine that some of you will complain about Westfall. That the boars have no livers and the murlocks no eyes, etc etc. But early WoW crappy gameplay aside, this zone just takes my breath away. I only recently discovered the little farm where paladins have a class quest defending it from all manner of baddies. Small surprises tucked behind every corner.

Recently I have been feeling frustrated with WoW. But today I went and sat on the shoreline in Westfall for a while. The waves curled lazilly on the beach, the gulls cried above my heads, the wind touched the tops of fading grain. It’s moments like these when you realise that WoW is a pretty special place.