Yesterday I pulled the plug on our guild. It was like turning off some guy connected to a machine that had run out of power a while ago. It needed to be done. What got me moving my butt to do it was the fact that there are some really great raiders in our guild. You know what makes a really great raider, right? They turn up on time, wipe without complaint, know their class, know their job, don’t stand in purple circles, and don’t pull panda pets out to impress everyone. So I owed it to these guys to pull it now. Because now they are in demand, big demand. Because a lot of guilds have been having big troubles putting bums on raiding seats over the last few months. But all of that is going to change this week when the big 3.3 patch drops. A lot of players are going to come back to the game and raid spots with top guilds are going to become tough to get.

So I pulled the plug. Our guild had started off really well, we were raiding and had great members etc. But we hit a wall over the dreaded summer period. Our attempt to correct that in September was to join up with another guild to do 25 man raids. I was personally against this idea. I wanted to get our core 10 man group up and running again. I felt that running with another guild would be problematic in certain ways. If they don’t raid the way we like to, who are we to complain? But more importantly, with raiding with another guild we were filling up their empty slots that they were struggling to fill in this difficult period. This, I felt, would not be a long term option for us. Events unfortunately proved me right. The other guild informed us last week that with all their members coming back for the patch they would be unable to keep raiding with us.

This was however somewhat of a moot point as in the last raid that we did together our guild managed to field a grand total of two members to the cause. 6 weeks ago we lost three of our core raiders to other guilds, a dps hunter, a priest healer and one of our best raiders with his healer and tank. This dropped our core raiding group from 7/8 to 4/5. If you have 7 or 8 players on then you can fill the other 2 or 3 slots pretty easily. 4 or 5 online is a different story, however. Our 4 or 5 core raiders remaining are great players, but 10 man raiding is in a sense harder than 25 mans as 25 mans can carry 5 or more underperforming players. In 10 man runs every single person has to perform. So beginning with a core group of 5 means that you are almost guarenteed a night of wiping even if you manage to get 10 players together.

I myself have to accept a good deal of the responsibility for the guild ending. My own online presence was bad over the summer due to work commitments. Normally in September I am able to bounce back but this year in September I got married. Somewhat of a small commitment. Then work hit me hard in Autumn when normally I have a pretty quiet time of it. Plus, I lost interest in WoW due to various reasons, many of which I have spelt out on this blog. My officers kept it going for as long as they could. But in the end it was better for all concerned to wrap it up.

The other guild we had been running with has offered to merge the two guilds and I have taken them up on this offer. It’s good for the people in the guild who have been left out in the cold on this one. I am not going to join as I have decided to go solo for a while. I think I like the idea of not playing with a guild. The lone rogue, roaming the lands. I may even transfer off to an RP-PvP server. I do not like the idea of leaving all the friends I have made behind. But the majority of the core raiding team have joined a high end raiding guild and while my play style would be good enough to get me a spot, my time commitment would not.

Things change, life moves on. One door closes but another opens. Wisdom is letting the door close with grace and being able to see the other one that has opened.