You get this a lot in WoW quests. The old, “my long lost love has died”, or “they killed my son!”, or how about, “find his old medallion and rest it on his grave about 2000km away from here so that once again he might be able to rest in peace.”

All good stuff to be sure, but it all falls pitifully down when you consider how easy it is in this game to come back to life. Continually. And have all your gear there. We all know the old joke about the murlocks, how they kill an adventurer while losing half of their murlocky village, and they’re celebrating the survival of their clan with some murlocky rum and wine, when the same freakin adventurer rides back into town and dispatches the lot of them. It must be tough being a mob in this game.

But the NPC thing just rings so false. The woman crying over her lost son. Wailing her head off, wringing her hands, sobbing piteously, clawing out her hair, screaming, why? why?? why??? WHY?????

When all I want to do is to politely interrupt her.

“Ahm, um, lady? You know, something we could do, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this, but, erm, you know we could just pop down to that convenient spirit healer just beind your house and around the back of that hill …”

And while we’re at it we could raise the rest of your family that have been killed off by out of control mechanical harvest cutters.

So what about major lore characters dying? How does this make any sense. I enjoyed the whole wrath-gate saga, but at the back of my mind I was thinking, you know, we could just pop down to the old spirit healer or I could get my clothie priest friend here to just rez you. that would make it all a bit easier. Or how about any escort quest, (apart from the fact that escort quests drive me fucking nuts. I mean, this guy has been locked up in this dungeon for so long that the world has taken it as a given that he is a pile of mouldering bones and given the chance to get the hell out of here he decides to stride along slowly as if he’s out for a Sunday stroll on the town promenade? I mean, are you fucking kidding me??). The whole point of the escort quest is to get him out in one piece. So you’ve battled through waves of iron dwarves or whatever the hell has locked him up, and you almost get to the end, and he dies. Big Fail, it says on the quest log. Well, can’t we just rez him for Christs sake??

There’s a lot of dying in old Azeroth, but it would be nice if some of it could make some sense.