So most bloggers around the net are posting up their predictions for the year. Then what they do is review those in a years time and see how prophetic they have been. Not being one to miss the boat, here is my own freakingly awesome list of 2010 MMO predictions:

Cataclysm expansion

Contrary to all predictions, this will turn out to be a massive loser and will be responsible for gamers leaving WoW in droves based on the fact that the entire server population rolls a Worgen Rogue, leading to massive balance problems due to there being no healers, tanks or new in-game pets. Added to this the fact that the new simplified stats make it actually much harder to balance your rogue and players decide that EvE online is much simpler and actually start playing that instead. Of course, there is a massive upsurge in rogue blogs and us rogue bloggers get offered heaps of money to write for dubious online publications, which we do, cause we’re all about the money, yeah baby! show me whatta you gotta!!

Eve Online

Becomes massive for a short time after the spectacular demise of WoW, until the game programmers introduce in-game vanity pets that you can only get by floating naked through space with your pants down.

Age of Conan

Introduces in-game sex in a pathetic and desperate move to save itself from oblivion, which works spectacularly and results in me making an AoC blog based on breasts and dangly bits.


In a last ditch effort to save thier failing MMO, the bigshots at Warhammer come up with a way to kill other players in PvP by sticking your sword up their bottom. Unlike AoC’s effort, this does not result in a big save but instead results in a spectacular fail. Scratch one game.


Introduces the new “Sailing Galleon” patch, where players can board the ship at the end which takes Frodo, Gamdalf and the others on a long overseas voyage. A pity that the destination kingdom is that of Warhammer.

So there are my hot predictions! I know I’m going out on a limb with a few of these, but the betting man in me likes the wild card hit.