Gevlon made an interesting post today – interesting for two reasons: the post itself brings up some good points, and the comments are very revealing. Gevlon states that making everyone run back from a wipe is counter-productive. The rezzer has to run back, so why make everyone else? Better that they spend their time working out why they wiped in the first place. Most of the comments disagree with Gevlon. In fact, there are some quite strident statements such as, ‘Everyone runs or they are kicked’, type of thing.

Funnily enough, this very issue came up for me yesterday. I used the ‘beloved’ LFG system to run the random instance run. Up came Blackfathom Deeps. It has been a very long time since I ran this instance, we’re talking years here. Plus, I haven’t explored Ashenvale on my mage yet, so the entire map is blank. When I came into the group they were about halfway through the run; I came in and we immediately took out the murlock boss. We got through to the part with the cultists and we wiped. At this point there were only four of us as one other DPS had left. We decided to just keep running it and were doing fine up to this point. I want to also point out that right after we downed the murlock boss we had to wait 5 minuntes for another player as his mother was calling him for dinner. Normally I would have left at this, but they were halfway through the run and I just wanted to get my blue bag of goodies and get the hell out of there, so I stayed.

So we wiped. And I didn’t release. What the hell, I was the last one to die by a good 20 seconds or so. I was quite proud of my emerging mage skills that I managed to keep myself alive for so long. But the self proclaimed group leader proceeded to write in the chat:

“Everyone runs, no slack pricks in this group.”

My response? I replied, “I beg your pardon?”

As I wrote this I hit release. I just couldn’t be bothered arguing. Apparently if one player runs, then we all must run. Because otherwise we are lazy. I suppose that means that the priest should rush in and tank the boss as well, because to stand back and do the occasional heal is also lazy. More on this later.

So I released. Into a completely blank map. I literally had no real idea where to go, all I knew was that I had to go for the coast, but I vaguely remembered there being mountains in the way. I could see the little dots from the rest of the party moving a long way from me, so I tried to move towards them and promptly ran into a mountain. By the time I managed to find the pool that you dive into they were all telling me to hurry up and stop wasting time.

Lets reflect on that for a moment, shall we?

Anyway, I dived into the pool, swam around for a bit until I located the right side to surface in, then found myself in the maze-like tunnels that lead up to the instance entrance. Now remember, they had brought me into this half-way through the run. I hadn’t fought through this, I hadn’t been in here for years. Obviously I took some wrong turns before I remebered that you had to skirt around a pool. It took me a while. And the chat was filling up with messages asking me what the fuck I was doing. Well, you told me to release, yeah? Apparently no lazy pricks are going to be put up with in this group. So I finally get into the instance, right at the beginning. It would have been awesome if there had been some mobs that had been missed to kill me, but unfortunately that was not to be the case. I’d like to say that I mistimed the jumps between the gaps on the columns, but I managed that without mishap either. I swam all the way across the turtle pool, ran down the tunnels, it took me a long, long time.

And obviously it would have been far easier and saved a lot of time if I didn’t release and waited for a rez. But hey, everyone has to suffer together, right?

These LFG cross-realm groups are becoming a lot more miss than hit. Today I did the random and got sent to razerfen Kraul, or whatever the hell it’s called. This was my greetingto the party:

“Hey all, hope we have a good run.”

This was my only response from the healer:

“Mage get me some water.”

I don’t know, wouldn’t it be more fair if we all got the water together? I mean, we all have to suffer together, right? Anyway, my response was simple:

“As soon as you say please I will be happy to give you some water.”

Needless to say, this utter imbicile was not willing to type the word please. He was willing to type in stuff like, “you’re a fucking moron”, “give me some water now you prick”, and other nicities, both in party chat and in whispers. The crowning glory was when this little pissant accused me of being a ten year old. I wished the rest of the party well, put him on ignore and left the group. Some things I just don’t do together.

Oh, and my blue item from the little bag of goodies? A cloak of the soldier. How awesome for a mage and just the capper for such a brilliant run.