For the first time ever I am posting twice in one day. There is nothing for it, as I am now on holiday finally and have some time, and because I see rubbish like this posted. Now, admittedly, is the place to look for rubbish, but even this was more rubbish than the usual rubbish that we get from them. To sum it up, healers are the drummers of the group. He meant for this to be a compliment I think, but whatever. Apparently healers are far more important than any other class. This is my favorite quote from this “article”:

“… If the tank and healer are both good, as long as the DPS can put out ANY DPS and there’s no enrage timer, things will die.”

So any DPS will do now, will it? And I love how he stuck the ‘no enrage timer’ clause in there. Are we talking 5 man heroics or raids here, because as far as I know just about every single freaking boss in present raids has an enrage timer. Oh, but wait, he snuck “… The healer is the most important member of a five man group,” in at the beginning of his article. Well, just so we’re clear that this certainly isn’t true in any raids that I know of. But is it true? Will just any old DPS do in a 5 man group? And is healing that hard and compolicated?

I will now come clean – I have a healer. Even worse, it’s a paladin. I leveled him up to about level 40 when a couple of friends wanted to try WoW. One of them chose to tank, one chose DPS, so I went with the healer. After they got bored of WoW and drifted off I still had the paladin, so I mucked around with him for a bit. I took him into 5 mans. I healed. It wasn’t hard. In fact, how do I put this, it was ridiculously easy. My first run was through the Stockades. It was a PuG and the tank was good. Except that he just ran, and we had to keep up. It was a rude shock for a first-time healer but I kept up as best as I could. And all I had to do was spam Flash of Light as fast as I could. I never ran out of mana and i kept that tank and the rest of the group up for the whole run. We finished it in what seemed like extra-record time and we didn’t wipe. We didn’t even have one death. And afterwards I got complimented on my healing.

So this is what we’re all getting our knickers in a knot for? For players who spam one button while standing at the back and who never run out of mana while they’re doing it? If anyone did a good job in the 5 man it was the tank – his performance was truly impressive. The DPS were good as well due to the fact that things died quickly. I also think that current heroics are not good indicators at all for what is the optimal party balance for a 5 man, namely due to the fact that the gear ratio to the difficulty level is just so high. If you go into an heroic run with a really well geared tank and some good DPS then you are not going to need any heals. You’ll get the bosses and mobs down before any of them will kill you. Old school 5 mans, however, are a good test for what is reality. And healing is not hard. I don’t know what they’re carrying on about. Good DPS is hard.

Is that it? No, not quite, Apparently the roles of healing and tanking are so stressful, so complicated, so unforgiving and so unappreciated that we now have to give tanks and healers the biggest rewards. This is a guest post from ‘We Fly Spitfires’ on World of Matticus. I am a big fan of We Fly Spitfires, I have his blog linked on the side. But this post is beyond stupid. An example:

“… Tanks and healers are in consistent short supply whereas DPS are a dime a dozen. And there’s a reason for that. Tanking isn’t easy and it comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility.”

No, actually the reason for it is that every class can DPS and we got dual specs a while back. Rogues can’t tank the last time that I checked. It gets better though:

“… Healing is much the same and also comes with it’s own set of stresses and strains.”

Stresses and strains? Do you want a special blanket, a cup of tea and a soothing back rub as well? This is a game for fucks sake. Healing is not any more stressful than being a melee DPS. In fact I found it much easier – just keep everyone alive. I didn’t have to worry about boss tactics or juggle all my cool-downs, I just had to spam flash of light. But apparently I am such a special and unique flower when I play my paladin that I should be getting special rewards.

“… Sub-par DPS can join a raid (even if it’s not desirable) but sub-par tanks cannot tank one and poor healers cannot heal one.”

So what he is saying here is that you can carry DPS but you cannot carry tanks or healers. What rubbish, I’ve carried healers and tanks many times. Three healers on a ten man and you can bet your butt that you’ll be carrying one of them. Where do you put the crappy healer? On the ranged DPS for the most part. Tank not up to scratch? Well, we can work around that by changing our tactics a bit, happened on Ignis the Furnace master quite often actually. If that didn’t happen we’d just swap him with the off-tank. By this sentence alone, Gordon is implying that any tank or healer in a raid environment will be top-notch, whereas the reality is just not true. Last quote coming up:

“… Call it a Tank or Healer Bonus, and a well deserved one at that. They are more important and necessary than anyone else, rarer to find, and they’re jobs are a lot tougher and far more stressful.”

Oh, you’re such a special flower, aren’t you?