In the old days, a long time ago, centuries even, people who were very naughty got branded. Usually on their forehead. This was done by getting a red-hot iron object and sticking it on the individual concerned. Ouch. Some burning flesh and a few screams later and for the rest of his life everyone would know that he was a donkey molester.

Well, how about the same thing for PuG’s? I mean, this is a fantasy setting based on Medieval life, kind of, yeah? So it would be fitting in a way. Basically it would work like the achievement system. Every time you got kicked from a group it would add to your branding achievement list. The branding could just be like the title system except you can’t turn them off. Lets play around with this. We’ll call the mystery player, Lolz.

One kick from group – Lolz the Mistaken. One kick can happen to anyone, and it might have even been a mistake. The Mistaken title will disappear after one day.

Three kicks from group – Lolz the Unwanted. Three kicks is a big deal as you didn’t have time for the others to wear off before you were kicked again, or you were too dumb to just stop playing WoW for a day so you could reset it. And lots of players are dumb so expect to see lots of these walking around. This title disappears after three days.

Five kicks from Group – Lolz the Unloved. Five group kicks in a short period of time is quite the achievement. People really don’t like you. You must annoy a lot of other players and be very stupid into the bargain. A big five days for this one to wear off, which gives you lots of time to achieve the final awesome step …

Ten kicks from group – Lolz the Moron. It says it all really. You’re a moron, and when we see you come into the group you will be automatically vote kicked out of the group. Things will go downhill rapidly for you. The only option is to just take some time off WoW or at least from Pugging. How long? A week. Lets try and keep this realistic.

I think this system would be awesome. I would have liked to use it for the warlock in our Gnomeragon run on Sunday who did the whole instance using only his wand. Lucky for him that he had his imp out to do some actual damage. And I am sorry to say that seeing a rogue in the PuG means an almost certain guarantee that they are going to be drop-kicked the hell out of there. Like the rogue that I ran with who thought that it was his job to pull the mobs, had stamina and mana enchants and was wielding two daggers on a combat build. . Actually, thinking was probably not what was going on there. He diappeared from view fairly quickly though, so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to vote on him.

Any improvements to this branding system? please let me know.