I know that my last few weeks of posts have mostly been an epic barrel of hate, but that’s where the fun is, right folks!? So today I have more hate but I will mix it in with some grudging appreciation as well. So lets get the boring appreciation out of the way so we can move on to the awesome hating. Shall we?

I have been disparaging in my scorn of the new LFG system in a few posts lately, but credit is where credit is due. Leveling my little troll fire mage for the blue project, it is obvious that without this system in place I wouldn’t be running all these old world instances. Even though I am lowly DPS who everyone scorns for being so easy to play and so undeserving of loots, it only takes me about 7 minutes to find a group after queing. True, the groups are full of ninjas and retards that make a geriatric syphilitic blind wombat look good, and true that most of the time I zone into the instance when they are more than halfway through it, which is a bad sign usually, because people leave groups voluntarily more than they get kicked, but the fact is that a quick run through the Scarlet Monastary Graveyard got me 75% of the way from level 31 to 32. In about 15 minutes. That’s impressive. And I do appreciate the fact that I am running these with similarly leveled players; I hate being boosted through an instance by a high level player. It just takes all the fun out of the game for me. Oh, a question for you all: why are the ninjas usually hunters and rogues? Can anybody tell me that?

Anyway, enough of that, lets move onto the hate.

Blizzard has increased the rewards on Occulus. Now this is a good thing, because as it stands now, Occulus sucks. Not the instance itself mind you, just what it produces. And it produces a world of pain because apparently players can not only not get their puny sized brains around the fact that they have to ride a dragon, but that they actually have to push 3 buttons as well. I am sure that they are using this as a torture right now in that nasty Guantmanelo camp or however the hell you spell it. Tonight you have to run Occulus 27 times with Noobs.


Screams aside, the bright sparks at Blizz recognised that this was a problem and decided to up the rewards. I personally would have just deep-sixed the entire instance if I were in charge, but rewards were decided and rewards are what we got. What rewards exactly? Well, lets spell them out for all of you dear readers:

1. Two extra Emblems of Triumph.
2. A bag of rare gems.
3. And a shot at the reins of the blue drake.

You know they’re desperate when they throw a mount in there.

So I know what you’re wondering now. You’re asking yourselves where the hate on my part could possibly be coming from. Well, here’s the thing:

Nobody knows about this.

I only found out about this because I heard it on the Instance podcast, (yey, the instance!). So I heard about it the other day, and I decided to log onto my rogue and see if I could get it on the daily random. I jump in que and a good deal later the little screen comes up – I’m in. I press accept and I get, the very first time, The Occulus. Awesome. Blue Drake here I come, right?

Well, not exactly. We just couldn’t get this group to stick. People were dropping like flies on a Melbourne summer evening. I even made a macro where I hit it and it said in chat:

“Don’t leave! There are new Occulus rewards including the chance at a Blue Drake!”

It didn’t do much good. We finally got a group together and even though they knew about the new awesome rewards people still dropped out when the dragon fights began. We fianlly got the last boss down though, but alas the mount was not there. A word of warning though, you have to loot the chest to get the rewards. Two of our party didn’t do that. Sucks to be you!

So Blizzard, kudos for trying to make it more tempting for people to run The Occulus, but epic fail on getting the word out into the community. The really stupid thing is that Blizzard have mentioned recently that they want to make the game accessible for people who don’t want to look things up on the internet. That may be their intention, but their Occulus planning isn’t showing that at all.