The undergeared project, of which I am a member, cleared ICC 5 man on normal mode in blue gear this weekend. Here is the link so you can check out the details. The top DPS pulled 3000 DPS. Now remember, that was done wearing only blue gear. So as Gevlon says in his post, if someone does damage below 1.5K it is not because he is geared in Blues, it’s because he’s useless.

I was not on the run, since my mage has now reached the dizzying heights of level 36. My leveling progress has been slow for a number of reasons:

1. I haven’t had that much time to play. I had five days off where I managed to get about 14 levels done, but that has been the most time for me so far.
2. This is my first ever time playing Horde, so all the content is new. And considering the fact that a good deal of this content may well be lost come the next expansion, then I am wandering around, ‘smelling the roses’ so to say.

I suppose that I could level quicker if I followed a guide or something, but I am enjoying this leveling process. Some of the instances are new to me, and I am discovering areas that I had no idea even existed. And dawn at the flight point in Thousand Needles is pretty darn amazing. What isn’t that much fun is the PuG’s. Last night I ran the Scarlet Monastary Armory for the first time. I felt for the tank. After the first pack of mobs were cleared he promptly sat down and went on strike. The reason? He objected to the fact that the rogue was pulling everything. I objected with him, in the beginning, but the other three party members went right on pulling. The tank had made his point but they had made a point as well – who needs a tank? If I hadn’t talked him into continuing he still would be sitting at the end of the hall now. Which is very strange. Years ago, when I leveled my main, I remember these 5 mans as being hard. We had to use a little device called crowd control, and we needed it a lot. Now it seems that we sprint through this stuff without even pausing for breath, (I have a serious problem with mana, but I never get a chance to drink – goddam you fire spec!).

Has this content been nerfed in the interim period? Have low level players been buffed? Or has the play mentallity evolved to a higher level? It’s an interesting point – players today decry Blizzard as making instances just sprint affairs, but it seems to me that this is not Blizzards fault; it is the consequence of a development in playing style. Taking your time, thinking things through and smelling the roses is no longer acceptable. I ran ICC5 heroic the day it was released. It was the first time for all of us and we just sprinted through it. Nobody took the time to work out what was going on. We didn’t even wipe. Sure, we were all mightilly geared, but still …

Anyway, Gevlon doubts that we will get 25 raiders with our present bunch of guildies. He has already seen a bunch of people join, start leveling and then not log on for a while, and he is removing these players as necessary. We seem to have a lack of warriors in the guild, so why don’t you join us? I think if we manage to clear end game content in 25 man raids wearing blues that this will be pretty big news.

Don’t think it can be done? Just remember that in previous 25 man raids, a good percentage of players would always be carried. I remember that we usually had something like the first 8 or 9 DPS performing really well, while the other ten were being carried. 3 healers would be doing a good job but at least 2 weren’t pulling their weight. And there was always a tank that wasn’t effective somewhere. But in this group, nobody will be carried. Every single DPS and every healer and tank has to pull their weight. The DPS who is last on the recount chart should have a DPS score very close to the first ranked DPSer. This will make a huge difference on the bottom line. I think that it is doable. I wouldn’t be leveling this mage if I didn’t think so.

A word of warning on the guild: the rule is no morons or socials. If you say grats when an achivement is automatically announced in guild chat, then you will be lucky to not be kicked. This is not a guild to hang out and chat with the members. We’re there to get the job done.