Listening to the latest Instance podcast yesterday, my ears perked up when the boys spoke about the infamous pre-rogue nerf, DPS chart from Festergut. For those of you who may have missed this chart, here it is.

DPS for Dummies also spoke about this today, but I want to add my own unique viewpoint to talk about the ramifications of these figures.

Now a cursary glance at this chart shows that out of the top 10 DPS, only five are pure DPS specs, and they come from only three of the pure DPS classes, rogues, hunters and mages. Retribution paladins swing in at number 4, Unholy Death Knights at number 5, Fury Warriors at number 6, and Feral Druids at number 7, before we stumble upon Arcane mages at a pitiful number 8. Survival Hunters and enhamcement Shamans round out the top 10.

The big losers in all of this, apart from mages, are Warlocks. Affliction Warlocks come in at a lowly number 12, just in front of Arms warriors and Shadow priests. The truly amazing thing on this graph is that Frost Death Knights come in at number 13. Keep in mind that Frost DK’s are the tanking spec, so we have a hybrid tank spec beating out pure DPS class specs. I can only imgaine what Warlocks are thinking right now. There must be spittle coming out of their mouths. The only thing they’re good for is creating portals, but we don’t even need those now due to the new LFG system. Scratch one class?

The core argument to come out of this is the question of pure classes over hybrids. Should pure DPS classes do more damage than hybrids? And if so, how much? If we put two specs from each pure DPS class in the top 8, that would still leave a lot of room for the hybrids to swing in. Pure DPS only gets invited along to damage stuff. Remember that crowd control doesn’t exist anymore and I’m not sure who really needs a buff to intelligence. If every other class is beating you on that then your reason for existing must be up there with Sarah Palins’.

But the most glaring example of fail for me in this chart is the figure lurking in 6th position – Fury Warriors. Warriors aren’t even a hybrid class, they are the traditional tank. The Fury spec is the warriors long forgotten cousin, the spec they pull out when an off-tank isn’t needed for example, or when you want to level them and not suck outrageously. For them to be beating mages and warlocks in every spec that they have is insane. This is insanity people! How can this be justified? To put it in perspective, rogues would need to have a healing spec and have it be more powerful than priests to give a similar comparison. How has this become so unbalanced? Is this something to do with the world of total fail that is Arenas?

Assasination rogues, and combat rogues also to a lesser extent, have been nerfed since this was published, but from what I understand they are both still at the top of the table. What can Blizzard do about this? Buff this, nerf that? They need to do something. And I need to re-examine my reasons for leveling a mage, goddamit.