We Fly Spitfires had an interesting post yesterday about letting players choose character flaws for their toon. Now, I like this idea – it would make the game more interesting for me, and perhaps for other players, (if I were for example a lecherous old man who liked to pat night elves on the bottom while walking through Stormwind), but your average player wouldn’t do it obviously as that would be stoopid, so Blizzard wouldn’t waste time on it as they only waste time on things that are worthwhile, like non-combat pets.

But what if there could be also an advantage from having an imperfection? What if with every three imperfections that you take, you get an extra beneficial character trait? And not from a small list, but from a very large one? You could have a resistance to shadow damage that scales, for example. Or to being charmed, or other forms of mind control. The list could be very long indeed. And they would be random. And as the list would be so long, and as some of the beneficial traits might even be undiscovered, it would discourage players from rerolling countless times trying to get a single trait. It would be something to discover, and a challenge to surmount, in the case of the flaws, and a benefit to bring to the table. You may be able to provide a unique buff. The flaws could also be scaleable – take six flaws but only one benefit and the benefit is much more powerful.

It would go some way to taking the genericness out of the game and putting some individuality back in. Now I need to think of some flaws, as these could be interesting.

Farting at inopportune moments that has a chance to draw the attention of mobs or bosses.
Being allergic to water, (maybe not so good for Cataclysm …)
Having exceedingly hairy nostrils.
One arm shorter than the other.
A pronounced limp.
Being bad with money, (you get ripped off by merchants a lot.)
Afraid of heights.
Necrophillia, (watch out Lich King!)

The list could go on and on. But I’ll stop there.