So Blizzard thinks that we should all have authenticators. That’s nice. The drooling idiots over at think that you should do the same thing.

“Solve all your internet problems in one easy shot, with the all new Blizzard Authenticator! Spend more money so we have to do less work!”

I can feel your indignation. ‘What’s your problem?’, you’re all thinking. ‘There’s nothing wrong with getting an authenticator, and besides, you get an awesome new non-combat pet as a nifty reward!’ [/smacks face with open palm in despair.]

Do you want to know the real reason why so many people get their accounts hacked? Because they’re most probably morons. Now, I know, I know. You got your account hacked, so who am I to be saying that you’re a moron on a public blog? Well, I didn’t mean you, I meant all those other morons who got hacked. Feel better now?

There is an article in todays International Herald Tribune, about account hacking on the web. Apparently in December, a company called RockYou that handles online advertising and makes applications for Facebook and Myspace got hacked. The thieves made off with 32 million passwords and email addresses. I don’t know why they bothered to steal them. I mean, you should check out the results after the accounts were recovered and the passwords were analysed. They found that almost 20% of the accounts, which was around 6.4 million, used just 5000 common passwords between them. Some of these are awesome, so lets do a good old fashioned top 5 countdown!

In 5th place, or the 5th most common password used by moronsville was … “iloveyou” I bet you do.

In 4th place, and I really like this one, is … “password” Why didn’t they do something really tricky and stick a 7 on the end of it?

In 3rd place we have, and I wish I was joking but I’m not … “123456789”

Coming in at number 2 we have the brilliant yet undervalued … “12345”

And the most popular password, which was used 290,731 times, was … “123456”

Yeah, I wonder why Blizzards support team is so overworked. So if you’ve had your account hacked, chances are you were using one of these. And that makes you a moron who deserves to have to spend the money on an authenticator. Enjoy your new non-combat pet, it will be a nice distinquishing mark.

By the way, some of the other results are quite fascinating. No.116 was “America”. Some smart dudes over there. No.1000 was “amanda1”. Now, either there are a lot of Amanda’s who are using the internet and are fucking stupid, or chicks called Amanda go off like a firecracker in the sack. No.2000 was “getmoney”. Getbrain would probably be more apt. No.3000 was “magodeoz” which means Wizard of Oz in Spanish. Get thee hackers to those Spanish realms forthwith!

Happy hacking.