I lived in Uganda for two years. When I first got there, walking down the streets of the city of Kampala, it was a weird experience to be stopped by just about every person on the street. They all wanted to be a friend of the white guy. White dude in their language is, ‘mazungu’. As I walked down the street there would be a constant chat from people as they passed me.

“Hey Mazungu, give me my money.”
“Hey Mazungu! We are friends! We are best friends!”
“Mazungu! You come with me! I show you amazing things!”

And on and on and on. Cool the first day. Downright annoying within a short period of time. Luckily for me I had the ultimate ignore tool – my white, wrap around, mirrored, Arnett Raven sunglasses. You see, they talked to me by first getting eye contact. So if they couldn’t see my eyes then they couldn’t make that first contact. I had them on ignore. Mass ignore. Sometimes you just want to be left alone. You can be surrounded by a sea of humanity but you don’t want to talk to the entire body of water.

The problem with Blizzards ignore system is that it’s too small – it only gives you 50 players to ignore, and with the new cross-realm LFG system, a lot of players are discovering that this just isn’t enough. Will Blizzard fix it? Who cares! A mod has been written that comes to the rescue!

Enter the Infinite Ignore addon. This little baby does some nifty things. It will:

– import your current ignore list from Blizzard,
– give you an unlimited number of people to ignore,
– the ignore list carries across all your toons on the realm,
– and it hooks directly into the ignore, unignore commands in game.

The only drawback with this is that it only works with the new LFG tool once you are in the dungeon as it cannot access information across realms before it becomes available. But at least you will have that person on your list and will recognise them as being a tosser once you are in the group, (as opposed to trying to remember if that troll hunter was the one you had on ignore or not …). Then you can either announce to the group that they are a horrible tool, or you can leave. Or you can stay and ninja all their drops. Just say you’re a jewelcrafter/enchanter and need all the stuff for your professions.