This afternoon I watched, with my Dutch wife, the movie The Sure Thing. It’s a road-comedy-right-of-passage bit of fluff made in 1985. In 1985, I was 14 years old, and this film was a big deal for my friends and I. So when my wife suggested that we watch a film, I trawled through the internet and stumbled upon this old chestnut. So we sat down, with the fire going in the background, snow outside on the mountain tops, and our bordie collie breaking our balls until I had to put the little prick upstairs in his cage.

And it brought back a lot of memories. Films can do that. Books can as well.

So can video games.

I got my first computer in 1986, an Amiga 500. I played a lot of games on that thing. Some great fantasy games, the percursers of modern day World of Warcraft. And I can still play them now. I can download them and play them through. Relive old times, as they say. Nethack, The Bards Tale, The Faery Tale, all of the orginal hack and slash games.

But it got me thinking. And WoW? Will I be able to go back and relive it years from now? And the answer is, only if it’s still running as a paid game. Because once they close down the servers, that’s it. And I find that a bit sad. It’s a cold, snow Saturday afternoon. Never a better time for being a little whistful.