The Lich King expansion came out in November 2008. Since that time Blizzard has been stringing this Arthas prick along by the nose-chain. And I want to say it right now, right here, so it’s all clear:

I couldn’t give a shit about him anymore.

I am so over the whole Arthas crap. The lore, the history, the story, the so-called drama, the possibility of fighting him, it has just become a big non event. He can go sit on his frozen throne with his giant blue lollypop of a sword and suck on it for eternity for all I care.

It’s February 2010 and we’re still waiting for the chance for the doors to swing open. We’ve battled his minions. Time after time I have come up against him and he’s let a minion take me out, usually with the parting gesture of ‘You had better not fail me this time, you lifeless worm’, or something similar as he strolls off the stage and then I kill his minion. It’s just all old hat now.

‘Oh look, there’s Arthas. Hi Arthas, remember me?’ [/waves hand frantically] ‘Hey, do you reckon that you’ll fight me now … ? Oh no, another minion for me to battle. Well, hey, I’ll be seeing you around then, right?’

Arthas wanders stage left muttering to himself.

I haven’t watched any of the spoilers for Icecrown, not because I don’t want to spoil it for myself but because I just don’t give a shit anymore. But I swear, if Blizzard makes him reborn, or that he sees his sins on his deathbed and weds Lady whatshername, or that if they do anything other than KILL HIM OFF, then I swear, I swear I will do bad things to a kitten somewhere.

Just saying.

So bring on