The new patch notes get released and a lot of crying is heard across the internets. Oh my, how easy it all is, how we are gearing up these lazy players with all these tier 100 loots. It is a pox on the humanity of playing WoW. Nothing means anything anymore …

Of course it doesn’t, you fools. We are at the tail end of an expansion. Your shiny new epics that you slaved over getting, through running countless horrible PuGs, will be made worthless in the blink of an eye, (or a couple of levels), once the new expansion hits. Once Cataclysm hits your gear will be meaningless. Blizzard wants as many players as possible to join in the raptous slaying of our old buddy Arthas, so they’re gearing us all up. Hell, your grandmother has epics and she doesn’t even play the game.

This is one of those happy times in the game for people who play WoW in a mostly superficial way. I has loots! It is not a happy time in the game for players who want to be challenged. Which is why the Undergeared project has been put forth with perfect timing. It is a challenge for me at this time when I do not wish to succumb to the hysteria of mass epic looting.

My rogue is in a limbo. I have no desire to run through countless instances with morons just to get emblems to get the next teir of gear when said gear is going to be outdated as soon as the expansion hits. I would rather run endless instances with morons to level my mage so as to get on the Undergeared team. My rogues gear is nice enough. Nearly every piece I earnt running through a raid with my old guild. They mean something to me. Why do I wish to bother running through heroics that have been nerfed once again into the ground so as to make it even more easy for me to get the gear. Why don’t they just put it in a shop in Dalaran for gold? Epics are mostly meaningless now. One is as good as another. I have all epics, that’s enough for me.

“Get your two daily frost badges or be left behind in progression!”

I’m going to say it once – you can’t be left behind on progression any more until the next expansion hits. So relax, smell the roses, level an alt, try out some new professions, conquor the auction house, do whatever you want to do. This is a nice time in WoW, it doesn’t happen very often. You can afford to take it easy.