Scrolling through the Lich King boss kills from MMO Champion, one thing jumped out at me:

Warlocks are kicking butt.

This is a dramatic turn around from the situation a few weeks ago when they were the laughing stock of the internets. So it seems that the buffs have been working for the demon lovers, or both these guilds have awesome warlock players that go above and beyond the known boundaries of possible DPS. Whatever the reason, rogues fare ok I suppose. But not that great when you think about where we should be. Death Knights are everywhere, hunters barely get a look in and mages are nowhere to be seen. It’s a fickle world this DPS one.

There have been a lot of blue posts over the last few days, and I will be getting to those this weekend. Lots of juicy fail-cake there.

Have a good weekend downing the Lich King and getting banned for it!