I hit 50 today on my mage, which gave me quite a shock as I wasn’t expecting it and the achievement freaked me out a bit.



So much social conversation in WoW.

I was running a PuG in the Black Temple again, and once again I actually got a good group. Even the hunter was good, which was nice. And I was thinking about that and how I’m going to rip it up to level 58 and hop over to Outland when it hit me:

I’m going to have to start doing PuGs with Death Knights.

As Scattered Shots reminded me today, a lot of the bad players stopped being Huntards and became Death Knights over the last year or so, thus giving hunters a bit of a break, (I actually think that they’re rolling rogues as well as I have seen some serious fail-rogues over the last 20 levels or so). And pretty soon I’m going to start running into these failures and most probably they’re the ones that are going to be doing the tanking. It is making me dispair somewhat just at the thought of it.

So I’m wondering what I’ll do once I get my first DK tank PuG run. Do I ask him straight off the bat if he knows what he’s doing? Do I just remain mute and assume the worst until proven otherwise? Do I wonder why I cannot get cherry cola in Europe? Over at GTFOOTF, Cozmo has posted on running his death knight as a tank and the prejudices that he is having to face. So it seems as if I do have cause for concern. I know the Ramparts in Hellfire like the back of my hand – I ran that place a lot back in the day. That is the spot where I will probably face my first Death Knight experience. I think my only option is to hit the leader button before we go in and make sure that I am leading the group. Usually it is taken as a given that the tank leads the group. It is much easier that way for all concerned as no written communication is required. The tank leads, you follow. If someone else leads then they must do so by written commands, which is much more time intensive.

It’s a long-winded way of saying that I’ve been lazy on my mage. It’s lazy to sit back, and always let the tank lead and then crap all over them if they suck. It takes effort to lead the group this way, something which I have not been doing. So I think the best thing that I can do is to climb down from my high horse and put a bit more effort into PuGs instead of following along behind the tank and killing things. And if the DK’s are fail, then I’ll try and help them to not fail so much.