So apparently only 30% of trial players make it past level 10. This makes me a fucking genius for getting a toon to 80. Taking away all the gold farmers and other hijinks of that type, I find this very weird. I mean, have you seen how long it takes to download a trial version of this game? It’s a long time. Really long, like seeing your bus leaving as you’re running down the road to catch it and then, knowing that you have another hour to wait, you go into a cafè and order a coffee and there’s a girl there and you want to talk to her becuase she looks lonely and cute and stuff and you think that you could make her life better, you could make a difference and that sweet lonely looking girl would transfer all her attention to you and …

Fuck! I’ve missed the bus again!

That kind of long.

So after all of that, you start up the game and you don’t get past level 10?? Okay, I know that I downloaded Age of Conan and I didn’t get to level 20, but that’s because Age of Conan sucked big hairy donkey balls of suckiness. Wait, maybe that’s what they think of WoW. Could people actually think that WoW sucks? How could they think like this? This is blasphemy! The starting area isn’t that bad, I know because I did it with my troll mage just a few months ago. Oh wait, no, it sucked. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The amount of stupid inane things that I had to do. But it’s not as if the rest of the game is like that.

They better get Cataclysm out quick.

By the way, anyone noticed the horror lag? Larisa has written about it, and Blizzard has an anouncement on the start-up screen saying that they’re aware of the problem, blah blah blah. But could it be that all this lag is the precurser to a pre-cataclysm world event? There was a good deal of earthquake movement before the lag. Stranger things have happened.