The other night my awesome troll mage who’s hobbies include knitting, vomiting and flying to the moon, headed for the first time into Blackrock Depths. It’s been a few years since I last set foot in here, and let me tell you something:

I had no idea where to go. And neither did anyone else in the PuG.

They’ve split the instance into two halves, but I’m buggered if I know which is the end boss. We walked into the big circular bit with packs of hell hounds and iron dwarves wandering around the edges. We cleared them up and then it was literally a case of einey meeny miney moe. We picked a random corrider, walked down it to the end while killing a few unfortunates, went down some stairs, killed some other unfortunate and the little flash came up saying that we had completed our PuG and had a nice bag of goodies to open, (which knowing the usual run of events would be a pair of tanking gloves masquerading as cloth.) This is supposed to be one of the longest instances ever. They designed the new dungeon finder to be quick. They even divided the longer instances into little bits, because they knew that we’d want to do it quick. So why on earth couldn’t they have stuck instance maps in there like in Northrend? I mean, is this really hard to do? Does it take up a lot of time? Are we asking too much for you to do this instead of designing another fucking non combat pet?

Don’t get me wrong, I like to explore. I enjoy taking my time. I would love to wander around and go through it bit by bit – but PuGs don’t. They want to be in there and out of there faster than a sailor with the only ten minutes of shore leave that he’s seen in six months. The other really crap thing about these dungeon finder runs is that you never know where the hell you are. Scarlet Monastary has three or four wings, but the dungeon finder doesn’t tell you which one you’re in. So you wipe, and you rez outside and you run back, (a mission in itself as I never have any idea where I’m going anymore), and then you walk into the entrance hall and then are 4 instance entrances … so …. which one do I go in? They couldn’t just write something at the top of the screen somewhere? Is that asking too much??

I solved this one though: you just walk into any entrance of the instance, then you walk out which means that you’re teleported back to your own realm, and then you hit the roving eye on your little mini-map and it teleports you back to where you’re supposed to be … damn good streamling that.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m apprehensive about hitting the random dungeon button. At least most of the groups find themselves in the same dilemma – which usually results in us doing weird things together that we never do, like talking. Maybe Blizzard did this on purpose.

So Blizz, some maps plz, k, thx, bye.