I was listening to the Twisted Nether podcast episode with Tristan from the Elitest podcast, today. Okay, that’s not entirely true, let me back up a bit. I saw this post on wow.com today and it got me thinking about that episode from Twisted Nether, so I went back to listen to it again. That link from wow.com if you haven’t clicked on it already, (due to the fact that you’re afraid I’m going to try and install a keylogger on your computer), is about a group of sponsored gamers called The Frag Dolls. This is an all female gaming team which, and I will quote the article here;

“… This all-business gamer has helped create and lead the a multi-platform clan of more than 300 gun-toting women who compete across five FPS (First Person Shooter) games in 10 separate divisions …”

(Nice editing there, wow.com.)

So good luck to them, right? Empowerment to women and all that. It’s really good that they can do that, blah blah blah. But it immediately made me think of the podcast interviewing Tristan. You see, Tristan belongs to a guild called, ‘No Chicks Allowed’. So good luck to them too, right? It’s really good that they can do that too, right?

Nope. Listen to the episode, (around the 1 hour 15 minute mark), and he is clearly uncomfortable with the fact that he belongs to such a group. He feels that he must explain himself and the rationale is that in a mixed raiding guild, women get treated badly by immature men, apparently. So this is not due to boys not wanting to play with girls, it’s due to the fact that boys cannot be trusted to play with girls, that’s the real reason, so please understand and be nice to us we’re not bad really truly. He then gets asked if the reason that they don’t allow women is because they’re a bunch of ‘sexist trolls’. His reponse is an uncomfortable ramble comparing their guild with the prison system because you can’t put men and women together in prisons, (which I thought had to do with the sex thing which as far as I know isn’t possible over Vent but if it is, for the love of god somebody please let me know), and thus you can’t put men and women togther in raid teams. Obviously this is a pretty stupid analogy, but what can you expect from such a stupid question? According to Tristan, women can get victimised by the male majority in raiding guilds. I don’t know about that. I know that a lot of women that I have played with have been great. A lot of them have also been stupid fucking drama queens, rumor-mongers, trouble stirrers and in two instances guilds have broken up directly because of a female gamer causing problems. Does that mean that I label all women as problem-gamers? Nope, but I am aware that it can happen and I understand their reasoning behind having an all male guild. I just wish that they had the nads to stand up and say, we don’t want to play with girls and if you don’t like it just go and fuck yourselves. But they don’t. Instead they infer that men are intrinscially bad and women are intrinsically good so it’s better for women if the men just hide by themselves in a corner.

Because if women do this, if they make an all female guild or as in the case above an all female gaming team, (300 members don’t forget), it’s great and empowering and beautiful and you had better not fucking say anything negative about it. But if men do the same thing, well, watch the shit hit the fan. The really interesting thing is that a guild is a private entity. Your choices in your guild do not effect anyone outside the guild, (unless you want to be incredibly pathetic and say that in this case, as a woman, seeing the guild name ‘No Chicks Allowed’ makes you feel disempowered and it hurts your self esteem). But the all girl Frag team is actually sponsored by a company. They see a marketing value in an all female association. Not only are they not made to defend themselves, but they can get publicly sponsored for effectively doing the same thing as No Chicks Allowed. Whereas members of that all male guild are made to constantly defend their choice, (as Tristan says on the podcast, a thread about their guild will come up on the Blizzard forums every few weeks, and it is inevitably an attack).

Would an all male team get sponsorship for the fact that they are male? I doubt it. Unless maybe they put on a blonde wig and try and look hawt in a tight T-shirt.