I love exploring new worlds. I remember when I first began playing WoW, the sense of wonder and excitement as an unknown world opened up around me. There aren’t many places in the world that I haven’t been to, though occasionally I stumble upon one, particularly as I’m leveling my first Horde toon. But there has always been a forbidden place that I have wanted to explore, and with Cataclysm drawing nearer I figured that it was high time that I set foot in the Dun Morough Airfield. I did some online searching on how best to get there, and it seemed that most of the ways had been fixed by Blizzard, meaning that you couldn’t go there anymore. What a bunch of spoilsports. So off I went to Loch Moden and the North Gate Pass. Apparently there is a way up here by jumping. Well I jumped for a while and it didn’t work. Then one of my old WoW buddies 12 year old son came online, with his priest. Perfect, I thought. I invited him to a party and told him my plan. He thought that it was very cunning indeed. He came over and we spent about 15 minutes trying to find the best way up. Eventually we found a spot further down along the cliff. We got up to a certain point, then he cast levitate and we ran around the outside of the cliff face back to where the original point was. It took us a couple of tries but finally we did it. Ran up through some canyons until we came to the first snowy log. Jump over that, then up to the right and then we were on top of the world. Snow as far as you could see with nothing to break the horizon. We got our bearings, jumped on our mounts and rode around until we came up over a rise, and there it was – the Ironforge airport.

So we ran around for a while watching the ice trolls attacking the dwarves. There is also a hunter pet trainer up here as well. No rogue trainer though, pity. He might have had a super secret spell! The we decided to head to the secret farm above the Wetlands. We found a cute bear and her cubs and then levitated down the waterfall until we got to the little farm. This is me and a cow. His name is Jim.

It’s a quite a big area, there are a few farms and some stables and some outhouses. I then peped over the edge and there was the Harbor! /wave!

Nobody waved back at me though. We then ran back along the path. There was signpost that said, ‘This Way’ and ‘That Way’. That way led up to a tunnel! Cool!

I wonder what’s at the end of the tunnel …

Oh shits! Did we dare jump? You go first, no you go first, I said it first, I dare you, and so on. Eventually my young companion cast levitate on himself, jumped off and floated for minutes and minutes into the void until he died in the Searing Gorge. Awesome. I then left him to his fate. I wanted to see if I could get down to the harbor in the Wetlands. I jumped here and there, all the while with my faithful chicken following behind me. I thought that this was fitting as I had been too chicken to jump …

Me and my chicken, Charlie.

Eventually we made it down, right at the foot of Menthril Harbor! What an adventure. I recommend that you do it too before you can just fly here in the new expansion. Now this should be in the achievement system! What would be a good name …?

‘He’s a very naughty boy!’