A big new patch is on the way with a myriad of changes across the board, from professions and user interface to most classes and specs. Combat rogues should be excited, as with changes to rupture being able to proc critical strikes this is going to come back as the finisher of choice. So go get the rupture glyph now if you haven’t already got it before the prices jump. As Dinaer notes over at foever a noob, this could mean that you will want to gem agility instead of attack power. Blizzard seems to be pushing hard in this patch for out of favor specs to be buffed in an effort to make them more attractive, ie the subtlety spec for us rogues. If they are bringing in a new tiered system in cataclysm which means you can get a 51 point talent in one tree and a 25 point in another tree, then I don’t see the point to this. Maybe they’re just throwing out some general changes to see how they will work. Either way it gives us bloggers something to gnash our teeth over.

The big news in this patch are two-fold. Firstly there are a lot of changes to professions, and the auction house. Many other blogs that are much better than I at making the golds have commented on these already so I won’t go into detail here. Suffice to say that patch notes are often great opportunities to make gold and this patch looks better than most. These notes from MMO Champion detail the profession changes.

The other big news is Cataclysm. Two sets of quest lines are going to open up, one each for Alliance and Horde, to take back two areas – Gnomeregan and Echo Isles, thus giving the gnomes and the trolls a home base each. Yey Trolls! There are a stack of new quests, new items, flight-paths, mounts, pets, lots of goodies. This is the patch to tie us over for a while and it is needed. The best news from the patch? No more 15 minute cool down on the dungeon kick option. And even better, you can also put a reason for kicking that the other players will see. It would be great if the player being kicked could also see this as it would lead to more imaginative reasons for kicking …

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