So today is my 100th post, and I only realised this after reading the Pugnacious Priests musings on blogging this morning. I wondered how many posts I had made, took a look and it said, 99. So I have arrived at 100. This is nice since I never arrived at 100 when playing cricket, unless you count runs scored against my bowling. The blog has been progressing nicely in the last few months due to being linked at a few key places and also as a result of trying to post almost every day. Posting every day is a bit tricky as I rarely plan my posts out before hand. 98% of my posts are written on the spot, proof-read for errors and then I hit publish and spend the day wondering if I shouldn’t have written the word fuck so many times. The posts I do plan get put on the back-burner due to the fact that I am really unsure of whether to post them or not, (I have one of those right now). The strange thing with blogging is that posts which I am sure will attract controversy rarely do, while posts that I think are mere fillers can attract a huge amount of traffic. And I can never tell the difference. My most popular post is the one that I wrote in the first month of blogging on my action bar set-up, it still gets a big amount of hits every day after amost a year.

I’ve learnt two things that help to generate traffic; post a lot, and key your post title into what online searches will be. The blog began as a rogue blog but has since evolved into a general WoW entity, due to there being bugger-all to write about rogues and because I suck at technical advice, with the few times that I have tried blogging about it being smacked down by the good rogues out there. I learnt my lesson, no more technical stuff from me. I got some bruising comments on that one but one of my aims when starting this blog was to not moderate comments unless they were obvious spam. I think that it’s good for people to know that they can call me out and it will be posted. Anyway, do not worry, I am not going to make a similar post when I get to 200, 300 posts etc. But I just wanted to take this moment to thank a few people who have helped me, whether intentionally or inadvertedly. Firstly Daraia over at Ravenholdt Manor, she was one of the first commenters on the blog and as any blogger knows your first comments, (and all comments for that matter), are very important, and while I know that she doesn’t always agree with my in your face attitude she at least puts up with me. Gevlon over at Greedy Goblin for including me in his blog roll and for inspiring me to write often and to make it interesting, something which is difficult to do in practice. Zaltu at One Rogues Journey even if he is retired was the technical rogue blogger par excellence, and thank god his blog is still up so I can link him. Also to my good friend Ivan for his awesome banner that he did from scratch for me. He is an insanely good artist and is available for work if any of you need it, plug plug. And to all the commenters that I have and people who read my ramblings, thank you, you always make my day.

Most of all this blog has got me writing regularly again, something which is very important to me. I have a few new things planned for the blog this year, one of which may or may not be a podcast, a friend and I are working on the details of that now. But anyway, my thanks again and I hope that you continue to get some enjoyment out of this little corner of the internet.