It’s been a tough week levelling wise for my groovy troll fire mage, Elirac. I’ve had my parents-in-law here since Sunday but thank the sweet honeysuckle bears they left this morning. It’s not that I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to play WoW – I’m not the sort of person to let anyone have the power over me to say or pressure me into what I can or cannot do, it’s just that I had to put my energy into them which didn’t leave much time for Elirac the troll of trolls. I love trolls, I think they are da bomb. Before the Undergeared Project I had always played Alliance, just because I’m an old D&D freak and that is what I felt most comfortable with. But playing the Horde, oh my, trolls are cool. I walk cool, I ride cool, I wipe my nose cool, and I cast pillers of flame cool. And now I am in Outland. I have been disparaging in the recent past about Outland. I think I said something along the lines that it is a pile of steaming turds and should be nuked. But now that I’m back there, it’s not that bad. I’m finding Hellfire kind of fun, groovy even. And oh my, I had forgotten how much of an upgrade the greens are over the Old World stuff. The new tool-tip that lets you compare stats really puts it into perspective. I got my first item, a staff from a quest, and I clicked on it to see if I should equip it and I dumped my old staff faster than my first girlfriend did to me when she saw that new French kid in school, the little whiny weasle.

Now my plan has always been to level using Fire until I got to level 60 when I would change over to Arcane, as that is when Arcane turns into da bomb. But the new patch notes intimate that Fire is back. I’ve been waiting for a mage blogger to go over the notes and finally Critical QQ did that for me. What I’m probably going to have to do is go dual specs and have them both. The problem with this is I haven’t been playing the auction house much. There is one slight drawback to being in a guild full of people who follow Gevlon – they’re all fricking auction house players. I have a bit under 1000 gold, but seeing that I’ll need to get my epic flying and other bits and pieces I think that I’ll need to pull my finger out on this one and start being a playa myself. The guild cleared Naxx 10 man last week in blues, which isn’t that surprising as it is designed for that gear level. They hit Sarth tonight and hopefully in a couple of weeks my cool troll will be joining them. For the Trolls!