A new trojan has been discovered that hacks into WoW accounts that use authenticators, MMO Champion has the details. I find this amusing after all the going-ons recently with people getting on their authenticator bandwagon and preaching down to the peons who don’t have one. The thing is, you can’t protect people from themselves, and this proves it. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats good general internet security. This means having a decent bloody anti-virus and actually using it. But more importantly it means practicing sensible internet use. If you download torrents or watch porn or click on dubious outside links on youtube or click on the link in your spam mail from the dude in Namibia because you think it will be funny, or buy gold, then you are well on your way to being hacked. I find it ridiculous that the general argument is that you have to have an authenticator. It’s like telling people who want to lose weight to drink diet coke instead of regular coke, or to eat ‘low fat’ food. It’s a seemingly easy way out of a problem, but the reality is that unless you change deeper habits then you’ll still be at risk of being hacked, or in this case you probably won’t lose weight.

We always want easy solutions to problems that are often a direct result of our very actions. You go to your doctor and discover that you’re sick, and you take the quick and simple solution, a handy pill. Often medicine serves to mask the symptoms of a disease. So in effect we’re popping pills to hide from the fact that we have a potential problem. We’re paying to stick our own heads in the sand. The authenticator is the same thing. Just use it and all your WoW hacking problems will be solved. And it’s just $6, (plus a huge amount of postage if you live outside the US). I’ve had many people say to me to get it. What’s your problem, they ask me. It’s only $6. And all your problems will be solved …

MMO Champion says that this is just a single virus. That may well be, but it may also be the only one that has been discovered so far. A few days ago it was commonly accepted that using an authenticator was 100% safe. Of course it was, becuase that was what they told us. Today the authenticator is 99% safe when used together with a decent anti-virus, or so we are told. I wonder what the commonly accepted view will be next week?