This idea came up whilst reading and replying to Tamarinds latest guild/blog adventure, where he basically got ‘found out’ by some of his fellow guild members, who he didn’t have much time for, that he had a blog where he told the world that he didn’t have much time for them. Que him being made to choose between his guild and his blog, and like, duh, he left the guild. Over at Troll racials our fellow blogger has also got pissed off with some of his guildies lately to the extent that he has put an officer of the guild on ignore. I find that awesome indeed.

Lets face it, lots of us bloggers often write lots of stuff about our guilds. Because that is where the humans are so that is where the drama is, and drama is often some of the best stuff to write about because everyone can relate to it. I myself am noticing the lack of drama for me to write about, (I quit my guild a few months ago, and while I am in Gevlons Undergeared guild, that is more of a Claytons Guild, ie the guild you have when you don’t have a guild). All I can do is rail at authenticators and PuGs.

So this is my idea, a guild for all those crying bloggers out there. We decide on a realm, (EU for me, sorry chaps), and then we either transfer mains or alts or roll up new ones. And then we see what it’s like having a bunch of bloggers in a guild together. Will it be a barrel of laughs? Will it be a barrel of shite? I can’t predict what could happen but that to me means that at the very least it could be fun. And of course you would be free to write about anything that you wanted to, (apart from the fact that certain people that I know like to raid in the nudies …)

So what do you say fellow bloggers? Would this be a cool idea? And even more importantly, are you in?