In Burning Crusade I did a lot of battlegrounds, as I was farming honor to get the only epic swords reachable by me at that time. I got quite good at it as well. But then raiding took over and as there were no dual specs at that time it was a case really of one or the other and so I chose the other, which was raiding. Since walking out on my guild, raiding has taken a step back, particularly when the new LFG tool inexplicably removed raids from the drop down list, (as well as group quests, zones and looking for hawt chicks). It got to the stage where I wasn’t doing very much on my beloved rogue, except standing around in Dalaran seeing if there was a raid going.

Then Gevlon announced his new project. This is to try and retake a server that has been lost to a single faction. In this case the server is EU Magtheridon and the dominate faction is the horde. I am not keen on leveling another alt, but I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity to do something with my rogue. I have a couple of high level pvp pieces that dropped from VoA runs, and I have one dagger, all I need is a few more pieces and a fast dagger. So I transferred my rogue. It says on the Blizzard site that it normally takes several days for a transfer to go through. Unless you are an Ally transferring to Magtheridon. It took 40 minutes. The blizzard team must have wet themselves. An Ally that wants to transfer to Mag?? Is he nuts?? Transfer him quick before he realises what he has done!!!

Boom! Transferred.

I have enchanting, (440) and jewelcrafting, (450). And I brought a good stack of mats. The auction house is devoid of most items and terribly overpriced, (a scroll of mongoose at 650gold and stacks of dream dust at 50g). There were no greater cosmic essences on the AH but a few level 70 green items under 10g. I snapped these up, disenchanted them and threw the stuff on. The AH should be interesting.

Then I went and did a few battlegrounds. Talk about rusty. But I quickly worked out what to do – find a paladin and make friends with them. Now I have to find another dagger and spec. Combat swords in pvp just doesn’t work that well, although Killing Spree can work wonders. Looking at the long dagger lst, the easist 1.40 speed dagger for me to get would be Krick’s Beetle Stabber from Pit of Saron normal mode. I’ll try and get that today. Then I have to work out a spec. The changes coming in patch 3.3 mean that subtlety could well be a very viable pvp spec. In the meantime I may well try this envenom mutilate spec. And I need to find a good place to gank Horde in Northrend. Any ideas?