So I have two projects and a new found interest on the go in WoW. It’s a complete turn-around from a few months ago when I had quit my guild and was standing around in Dalaran not knowing what I wanted to do. My mage in the Undergeared project is at level 65 and I hope for an all out levelling attack in the next couple of weeks to get him to 80. My rogue has been transferred to magtheridon for the Inglourious Gankers project, and I am busy gearing her up for PvP. I actually had a dream about being in a battleground last night. It was weird: I could see enemy players stealthed around me but I couldn’t communicate that to my team due to some sort of horror lag. It probably means that I’m sexually repressed or something.

And the third thing, or the new found interest, is the bloggers community guild. I rolled a shaman. I don’t know why, maybe because I like the colour blue. I hate healing, so I thought that seeing as it’s an RP realm I could be the healer who doesn’t want to heal but will if you pay him. It still won’t make it work. I’m going to try being a tank. Going to roll a Tauran Warrior. I love taurans, I think that they are epic cool, almost as much as I like trolls. The horde is really quite a cool faction. And I get to kill gnomes, what could be sweeter?

I don’t know which one of these will turn out to be my main interest, only one of them can be, particularly going into summer when my work demands go ballistic. But the difference with all three of these guilds is that they have all been formed with a purpose. Larissa wrote a lovely post on this today, and I too have been finding immediate attention from other players in an RP situation on Argent Dawn. And it sure beats the hell out of standing around in Dalaran.