I had resisted jumping on the new blogging guild, Single Abstract Noun, as I didn’t want to distract myself from leveling my undergeared mage and sorting out my rogues pvp gear on her new pvp realm. Yesterday I had a free day and I decided to spend some time over there, however. I rerolled a tauran warrior called BigKahuna. I thought that this was a good name for a tank:

“Here comes the Big Kahuna! —— POW!”

And I have never played a tank before. I don’t know if this is a good idea as I always get lost in instances, or I get confused about which mechanic is which, so expecting people to follow me around will be interesting when it happens. Tauran warriors are not subtle, are they? Run in really fast, bash something on the head, then as soon as it dies turn and bash something else with the cool 20 second opener that you have from killing the first guy, which leads you on in an orgy of continual destruction until you wake as if from a dream state and see what was a nice green Mulgore field littered with a pile of corpses. I got to level 9 and then called it a day, but what an afternoon it was.

This guild is quite extraordinary. The chat is constant. Now normally that would be annoying, but in this case it is not. It is informative, amusing, entertaining and involving. The guild is made up of bloggers and people who read blogs, so you are starting off with a very highly informed player base in the guild. Then there are no idiots. Well, there may well be but they are doing very well to hide their idiot tendancies. Because the thing is, if you act like an idiot in a guild with 50 bloggers you can expect to wake up the next day to some serious internet grief. So everyone is just having a jolly good time. In fact, it may well be the best time that I have ever had in WoW. I eventually logged off and pottered around the house doing things that needed to be done, but lurking in the back of my mind was the desire to jump back online. To hang out with my cool new guild. And the feeling that I have to do this is the same one when I first began playing WoW. When I first started WoW I would literally be awake in the morning before I opened my eyes and already thinking about getting on the game. I don’t have that level of obsessiveness now, but it is something close to that same level of wonderment and discovery.

WoW has always been something of a social thing for me, but too often this has been poisoned by unwanted drama and in-fighting and the general malaise that weighs you down when you log on and are immediately whispered by five different people wanting you to either fix a problem or letting you know what new drama bomb has gone down since you were last logged on.

This new guild is another world in comparison to this old reality. You log on to see who is there and what they’re talking about. You log on to have a good time, and while doing that you re-immerse yourself in the fantasy game that we all know and love. The day I transferred my main rogue to the pvp server I spoke to one of the people that I know on my old server of Quel Talas. I told him about the new blogging guild. Last night when I logged back on he was there. He had rolled a new druid and joined and it was just such a nice feeling to see him there. It took me a good few weeks to summon up the courage to transfer my main off my original server. I would be leaving behind all those people who I had played this game with from the beginning. And yet here he was. And he was really enjoying it also. He said that it was such a refreshing change from all the stress and hassle of his main guild.

I don’t know where Single Abstract Noun will go. I don’t know if it is just in a honeymoon phase and will devolve until we begin talking about this time as that time of wonder when everything was good and groovy. But whatever happens I will enjoy this time now while it lasts, and I hope that it lasts a good long while.