The other night I had my first tanking experience on my groovy tauran warrior, BigKahuna. I am level 12. I figured that this was enough to go and tank Ragefire Chasm. We got together a group in the Single Abstract Noun, (SAN) guild. We had two warlocks, both level 12, another warrior, again level 12, myself, and a druid who was level 15. In we went. It was very strange going in as the tank. For all my WoW life I have been DPS, (although on one occasion I did heal a Stockades run). So to find myself going first with all the party dots behind me was unique. And quite scary. Oh, and all my gear was white, not even one green. I used thuderclap a lot, and shield bash, and erm, well that was it really because I hadn’t done my warrior quest at level 10 to get defensive stance, taunt and something else. I hadn’t done it because the quest just told me to go out to the Barrens and have a chat to someone or other. I figured that this was one of those change zone quests which point you in the next direction, but I was having fun in Mulgore so I hadn’t gone. I looked it up on wowhead after and sure enough, that is the warrior quest which gets you all the taunting goodness. Fail me.

So back to the run. I am happy to say that we didn’t wipe, not even one death. Although that may have had something to do with the fact that we didn’t make it to the first boss. One of the warlocks had to go and join his main raid group and then I realised that it was well beyond dinner time and my wife and dog were giving me ‘the look’, so I had to go as well. We had cleared quite a bit though and it had been a lot of fun.

So now I have to go and get my warrior quest done. But this got me thinking – if I hadn’t looked that up on wowhead, if I hadn’t known beforehand that I was missing a stance and some abilities, hell if I hadn’t even known what a stance was and what it did, then I wouldn’t have done that quest and core tanking abilities would have been lost to me. And if I was a new player there would be a very good chance in fact that this would be the case. I would just progress along, having fun, trying to kill stuff, and the first time I went into a 5 man with a group I would be ridiculed for being super-number-1-noob-of-the-world. And after a bit of this I suppose that I would just begin replying, ‘retard’, and before I knew it I would be a super-noob for reals!

Yet perhaps ignorance is bliss. At the end of the day all the noobs running around with 0/0/71 talent trees and no enchants or gems or the wrong gear or what have you, they’re all doing it their way. They’re having fun. They don’t get mad at other players for not having this or not having that. They’re just playing a game. Sure, I’m different from them. Anything I do I want to find out everything that I can and do it to the best of my ability, that gives me pleasure. But their way gives them pleasure as well. After all, it is just a game. And I am the one being annoyed by them, not the other way around. Perhaps noobs really do have more fun.