I got a comment on my “Do noobs have more fun?” post on Saturday that was a bit weird. It went straight to my spam box where I have the possibility of approving it or not. I tend to approve almost all comments as I’ll take what I can get, obviously, but if I did approve this one then he would be able to comment automatically on my blog in the future. Which, considering the comment, does not fill me with oceans of joy. But anyway, I thought the comment warrented posting just because I can’t figure out what he’s talking about. Lets have a look at it, shall we?

“You were undergeared, hadn’t read all 187 pages at the warrior EJ forum, hadn’t learnt the ladder progression steps for your class, used the improper rotation for your level, and had to leave mid-run? And you felt proud because, hey, you “didn’t die”?

Fucking FAIL. Excuse me while I go to the Blizzard forums and various blogs and DENOUNCE players like you.

You’re probably lying, anyway. Read Gevlon’s blog. If you had done anything you said, you would have wiped many times, blamed everyone else, and gotten kicked anyway. DO NOT DISAGREE WITH GEVLON. HE IS GEVLON. YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS OF HIS WEALTH, AREN’T YOU?”

Can anyone else figure this out? At least trolls used to make sense. I can’t figure out for the life of me what the fuck he’s going on about. Any troll translation help would be most appreciated.

The last part about Gevlon is interesting in the sense of just how much he has permeated the blogging sphere in the last six months. Love him or hate him you will have an opinion on him. His name is on the way to becoming a term in itself. And when internet trolls routinely use you to make their, ‘point’, then you know that you’ve arrived big time. So well done there, Gevlon. I know you will be proud.

Not much to report from me. I could hardly get onto WoW at all due to real life commitments. Hopefully this week will be better, though I did take 30 minutes out to tank my first ever full instance run in Ragefire Chasm. We got the three bosses down, one wipe, (we were levels 11-15 with most of us on the low side). Larisa healed us for the first part then she had to go raiding and we swapped roles around and brought in a level 11 mage from the SAN guild. He did great and made a nice comment:

“I haven’t had this much fun in raiding for ages.”